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hey guys, the sun is out! these are the best stylish shades to protect your eyes - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-24
hey guys, the sun is out! these are the best stylish shades to protect your eyes  -  polycarbonate lenses
With summer coming, it's not surprising that we tend to spend more and more free time outdoors and do some of our favorite warm activities
Weather activities--
Hang out on the cool cafe terrace, barbecue in the backyard, bike in the city for leisure, and spend the weekend spontaneously outside the city.
Thankfully, spending more time outside means a long time.
The fresh air and sunshine needed, both of which were in short supply during the cold season.
But while these are the welcome benefits of spring and summer, there may also be some drawbacks to prolonged exposure to the sun.
First of all, bright light and strong ultraviolet rays (UV)
The light will cause temporary and long-term
Long term damage to your eyesight, long time squinting will cause unnecessary headache.
So if you like to spend any time outside, you should consider putting yourself in some of the best sunglasses for men.
Not only do sunglasses have very practical uses, but they can really be combined in the summer style you want.
Various premium brands have tried frame shapes and lens colors to get some of the best outdoor glasses look at the moment.
In fact, countless choices can be a bit overwhelming. -
That's why we're here to help.
We classify 21 of the most popular men's sunglasses into three categories based on style and price to help you determine the best choice.
This list doesn't affect style or functionality, so you can have fun with a great summer accessory.
Most importantly, we will wear our sunglasses again and again.
Not because they are gorgeous, but because they are classic and comfortable.
Perfect for starting our list of men's best sunglasses.
Ray Ban wayfarersper is probably one of the world's most enduring fashion icons for sunglasses (and beyond)
The staple food of the 21 st century is the freight forwarder.
Looks versatile, none of these
The Fuss acetate black frame is a great accessory on hand this summer.
The traveler of TOMS chun is easier than your classic traveler, and the Dalston matte black is made of TOMS's trademark rubber, slightly softer-Solaflex.
Designed to provide long term
Their polyester lenses are durable (
100% UVA and UVA safety)
Designed to withstand highAffect activities. $68. 00 at Toms. comRaen St.
Malo is probably one of our favorite models in this category, and these Bengali frames from Raen are a small twist on the male version of the classic cateye frame.
The vibrant spotted turtle reminds us of the light pattern on the water. $135.
00 points for demand supply
ComClick here for more basic information about men's sunglasses
Environment and fashion
These innovative designs, male-oriented, are stylish accessories and are perfect for summer entertainment.
Promotion of TOMS Thomas James SeaglassThese acetic acid glasses rack by hand
Complete and have a wide selection of color schemes.
James Seaglass champagne sunglasses are a fun summer accessory in their new collection.
Not to mention, they can protect you from harmful UVA and mw uv rays. $119. 00 at Toms.
ComWild sun spot ivyywild soul sunglasses are determined to fulfill two dreams: fashion and charity.
In addition to the cool design of the brand, buyers can also donate some of the proceeds to the charity of their choice.
Inspired by elephant ivory, these frames are a statement accessory with strong eyebrows and a marble look. $100.
-00 in wilder solenre
Reminds us of John Lennon's classic hue.
Gold, round (or silver)metal Ray-
In sharp contrast to crystal green lenses.
Lenses and even prescriptions.
Get ready in case you really need to wear glasses normally. $103. 09 at Amazon.
For more innovative sunglasses for men, please click here.
When most of us are good
Provided by a standard lifestyle sunglasses, the model with polarized lenses is performing high
Strenuous activities such as sailing or rock climbing.
Polarized sunglasses narrow the spectrum of incoming light, helping to shift the glare of the sun and increase visibility.
There's an old Thomas pilot. school feel. The gold-
Tone iseshell top bar nicely highlights the Tone of the metal frame, 3-
Barrel hinge and matte black Temple tips.
And their footage. -100% UVA/UVB-
Safety and polarization are all for maximum wear resistance regardless of the environment. $179. 00 at Toms.
The first way of life frame from Oakley, the frogameins have gathered quite a few followers, their streets-
Reasonable design and reliable technology. $104.
95 ReddingSlim and modesty in Amazon's original penguin, the Redding frame injects a little old-school class. $98.
Click here at Amazon to learn more about men's protective sunglasses.
Be sure to check out the full list of 21 men's best sunglasses in AskMen's original post.
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