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hi-tech water toys — for grownups - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
hi-tech water toys — for grownups  -  characteristics of polyester
What better way to enjoy the day on the beach than to play some really cool water toys?
Megan Miller, editor of PopSci
Com, the website of popular science magazine, shows the latest hi-
Science and Technology water toys on display Thursday morning, from diving suits to kitesboards.
Popular Science collects the coolest gear for the beach
Products that combine technological advances such as wireless communication, waterproof heating elements and clever engineering, by making water sports more fun, comfortable and safe, satisfy everyone of extreme sports enthusiasts.
HEADZONE helmet $455 hot news Google cloud power loss Connecticut mom Virginia Beach shoot protesters interrupt this is the official helmet and coach Harris communication system of the American water ski team.
The helmet is completely waterproof and can be used in salt or fresh water;
There are five sizes of helmets (small to extra-large).
The electronic equipment in the helmet is controlled by the magnetic sheet switch encapsulated in the waterproof resin.
Use a small magnet to turn the receiver on and off, adjust the volume and change the channel.
The magnetic key can be found on the belt provided by the instructor holding the radio.
The coaching system is being used in the following water sports: kite surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, kayaking, whitewater rafting and kayaking.
Plans for the introduction of the coaching system into many lands
Basic applications such as skiing, snowboarding, cycling, etc. RIP CURL H-
The only rechargeable diving suit in the world. Rip Curl's H-
The bomb is the world's first power-heated diving suit.
This is a diving suit designed to keep you super
Keep warm by placing a heat source on your upper back.
This heats your core and allows your body to experience the warm blood of the limbs.
Heat is generated by two coated fiber elements located on the upper back.
These elements conduct electricity that generates heat that heats the blood.
These elements are made of fiber.
There is no metal here, so there is no magnetic field generated by any metal part, and when it is in salt water and you are in the bucket, there is no metal corrosion.
What is this feeling?
This is an infrared heat that is usually used to ease muscle soreness and tension, allowing you to relax.
Even in the lower environment, you will keep true warmth, which will make you feel warm all over the body.
How does it power? Rip Curl's H-
The bomb is driven by two kinds of polymer lithium ion 7. 2v batteries.
These batteries are the same as those in your phone, iPod and laptop.
Even if it is called a bomb, there is no danger of radiation, electric shock or explosion being exposed to these batteries!
The batteries are located on your lower back, where they are placed on your body with a layer of neoprene sponge so you don't feel them. ripcurl.
Com super collection of hydropower Weijie.
Monthly dive mask $199 HydroOptix developed the world's first dive mask with a sharp natural panoramic viewof-view.
Using a flat dive mask, you can see almost five times as much as you can see, and it blocks your 75% View.
The flat mask will not only cause edge blur and shape distortion, it will also weaken your eyes
By blocking so many natural fields, hand coordination and situational awareness-of-view.
Even experienced and trained divers find that when they really-
View is restored by DoubleDome dive mask
However, the concave shape of the water produces a secondary optical phenomenon: the use of the mask must be myopia.
Many naturally myopic divers can wear masks with the naked eye. The scene was so amazing that 20/20 divers had learned to wear contact lenses.
They are only short-sighted for the sake of using the mask and tell us it is worth wearing contact lenses because of the great improvement in vision. Low-
Cost one-off contact is now part of their standard diving gear.
Yes, it may sound ridiculous if you are 20/20.
But once you try, you may think that you should get a razor for your precious time underwater --
A clear view is almost five times that of anything else.
New divers and coaches
After 20/20 years of success, sneakers wear contact lenses again. hydrooptix.
ComNIKE MAXSIGHT contact lenses $60 (3 pair)
These disposable contact lenses
Developed with Bausch & Lomb, you can filter 95% of UVA and medium-wave UV rays without cumbersome shades to improve your game.
Looks like a cat with amber lenses to help you see quickly
Move objects better in football, baseball or tennis matches.
Or gray.
Green pair, reduce non-glare
Get in touch with sports like golf and running.
The lens is a medical device that requires a doctor's prescription, so it is not available on "Dick's Sporting Goods.
"In addition, these lenses have a wide range of optical power that can be corrected near
However, they can be ordered at zero power, which means that athletes with perfect vision can still use contacts and benefit from optical shades. nike. comEWA-
Ocean case $19-$50 & underwater camera and camera case tend to cost a mint, usually hard
Shell, it makes it difficult for them to pack their trip. Ewa-
Ocean Diving-
Ready-to-use flexible bags for a wide range of digital and film cameras and camcorders, which can be submerged at about 30 feet (
Some versions can drop to 150 feet depending on the model of the camera.
All camera cases are equipped with optical grade glass lens ports to provide excellent clear images.
Super easy to use, all waterproof to 33 feet, some deep to 165 feet.
Bags are also made for 100% waterproof mobile phones and other valuables.
You can even use them in surfing, they have a lanyard and belt clip, but most importantly, you can talk and answer the phone when the phone is inside the house! (
There are three sizes for different models of mobile phones. )
Also, if dropped, most of the phones in the bag will even float.
There are other pouches for your ID card, cash or small valuables.
Available in multiple sizes
Some with a depth rating of 300 feet are suitable for all water sports, surfing, swimming or scuba diving. rtsphoto.
Hobby Island is a kayak, a sailing boat and a three-mar boat --in-one.
Kayak is the core component.
Add a sail and convert it into a sailing boat.
A set of akas and amas (
Think Hawaiian)
Turn it into a three-horse.
Remove all, it becomes a built-in fishing boatin rod holders.
This unique sailing boat is different from any other sailing boat on the water and can be used by anyone at any level. atkenco. Com or hopecat.
Kite --BOARD $1,500-
$1 Cabrinha kite-
The board has a very special safety system to prevent passengers from getting into trouble and has a special re-launch system.
There is a patent on Bridles, the arc on the canopy is small, and some degree of scanning/matching curves in LE and TE are all features of the kite, it will have a huge range and will be canceled
The power to let go. cabrinha.
Kangkarin, Ha Conta, 14-
4-line kite rip by various weight-
Stop polyester, teteron (LE)
Cabrinha Omega $12-$1,700
4-line kite rip by various weight-
Stop polyester, teteron (LE)
$1, 500Kite-
Boarding: also known as a kite-surfing or fly-
Surfing, including using electric kites to pull riders out of the water on small surfboards, waterboards or kites --board.
About Kitehouse: Kitehouse is a startup travel company from Key West, Florida, providing special kites. boarding tours.
Paul Menta, owner of Kitehouse, is a well-known kite leader
Boarding the industry and writing a book to prove the kite
Boarding coach.
Menta is also the founder of kite surfing Earth, which evolved into a Kite House.
He's a champion.
Level wake-up boarding and competitive kite-
Surfers, who have been involved in water sports since the age of 6, when his father put him on a set of water --skis.
He came out of the water.
Skiing and skiing in his teens found that the sport not only allowed him to compete at a professional level, but also allowed him to do what he liked to make a living.
From water skiing, kites-
Surfing is the obvious next step.
Now listed as the head coach of the Professional Air Sports Association (PASA)
Paul trained teachers and students around the world with his post-teaching development and sophisticated technology for more than 1,000 students.
Paul often writes for several sports magazines and publishes many manuals on all aspects of kitessurfing.
He also set a Guinness Book of Records for kites.
Surf the fastest from Key West to Cuba.
The patented Powerski Jetboard is the only electric wake-up-
World skis.
Brings together several different extreme sports that are the cross between high performance surfboards and water skiing competitions --
Waterslide and jetski.
But unlike the old standing jet, the Powerski jet is easy for newbies but challenging for athletes. powerski.
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