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high-index lenses offer high value - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-24
high-index lenses offer high value  -  polycarbonate lenses
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You paid your money.
The Index lens is a practical alternative to ordinary plastic lenses.
While these innovative glasses are a bit expensive, they can provide more comfortable wear for those who need a stronger prescription.
Consistent optical quality
Although the lens is much thinner, the weight is much lighter.
Eyecare professionals often recommend this type of lens to the right patient.
The newer frame design is much higher
Compared to traditional glasses, the edge of the stylish glasses frame is thinner.
The edge of the lens may even be exposed by many of today's overshoots.
Modern frameless design.
In both cases, the edges of the lens are very conspicuous.
The thicker edges of a typical stronger prescription produce a less attractive look.
This is especially true for myopia patients because their lens edges tend to be thicker than the intermediate lens
Surface area is. High-
Exponential lenses may be the best option to prevent the glasses from dominating the entire facial area of the observer.
How the eyes bend the light human eyes refraction (bends)
Enter the light in a way that allows us to see the outside world accurately.
When this light bends to focus on a specific area of the retina, clearer vision is produced.
The overall curvature and length of the eye cornea and lens determine the extent to which the eye is able to focus and refraction the incoming light onto the retina.
The refraction defect is essentially a defect of the eye, preventing the eye from focusing the light correctly;
Resulting in blurred vision.
Myopia, astigmatism, and myopia are the main forms of light refractive error experienced by patients.
All of these can be corrected with the correct surgery, glasses, or contact lenses.
Do more with lesshweigh
The index lens can have a larger light refraction than the lens with a lower index range.
The higher the glasses index, the less materials are needed to reach the specified light refraction level.
This lens is classified according to the level of strength they are able to bend the light.
The range of relative light refraction is from 1. 53 to 1. 74 for a high-index lens.
In contrast, the light folding range of traditional plastic glasses lenses is limited to 1. 50 to 1. 52.
Therefore, a lens with a light refractive index of 1.
At least one of 70 or more-
Without affecting the effect, the thickness is only half the thickness of the traditional lens. Higher-
Index lenses are usually 20 to 65% thinner than ordinary plastic structures.
The lens power is expressed in units of measurement and is called "transparency ".
The lens degree of myopia patients is negative.
The lenses of myopia patients fall on the side of the "plus sign.
The edge of the latter lens is much thinner than the center.
Those who need more than 2 prescriptions. 00 or -2.
50 optometrists and high-Lens Wear.
Width reduction for weak height-
Index prescription lenses. As high-
Index lenses bend the light for better efficiency, their edges do not have to be as wide as the same
Plastic Lenses.
The thin edges require less lens material to be used to reduce the overall lens weight.
The weight is lighter and the glasses are more comfortable to wear. High-
There are also index glass lenses.
However, they are much heavier than regular glass lenses.
Therefore, they are not as beneficial as plastic products.
Far-sighted patients with strong remedies need very heavy ordinary lenses.
High Light
Therefore, the exponential lens is very beneficial in this case.
These special shots also eliminate the infamous "bug-
The "eye" look often created by ordinary lenses.
Polycarboneyeyecare providers generally recommend the use of polycarbonate lenses as an option for high-fit lenses
Index alternatives.
Although the polycarbonate structure has the same aesthetic advantages, its durability and scratches can be greatly reduced without scratch-proof coating.
In addition, it is difficult to color polycarbonate. High-
The exponential lens does not require any such trade-offs.
Various building materials can be used for different prescriptions.
Consult your eyecare provider to determine which option is best for your own vision.
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