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high quality transparent conductive ag-based barium stannate multilayer flexible thin films - flexible polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
high quality transparent conductive ag-based barium stannate multilayer flexible thin films  -  flexible polycarbonate sheet
Transparent conductive multi-layer film of silver (Ag)-
Silver tin acid (BaSnO3)
At room temperature, the structure is deposited on a flexible polycarbonate substrate by means of RF sputtering to develop transparent flexible electrodes without indium.
Influence of Ag mid thickness
The effects of tin acid ba layer and tin acid ba layer on optical and electrical properties were studied, and the mechanisms of conduction and transmission were discussed.
The highest value of meritorious service is 25.
5 u2009 × 10-3 Ω-1 for bas03/Ag/bas03 multi-layer flexible film with 9 nm thick silver mid-
The layer and the ba layer of tin acid sub-tin acid with a thickness of 50 m/s nm, while the average optical transmission ratio in the visible range of 380-780 nm is more than 87%, and the resistivity is 9.
66 u2009 × 10-5 Ω cm with a block resistance of 9. 89u2009Ω/sq.
After repeated bending of multi-layer flexible film, the change rate of resistivity is below 10%.
These results show that Ag-
Lithium tin acid-based multi-layer flexible films can be used as transparent flexible electrodes in various flexible optoelectronic devices.
Flexible Transparent electronic products such as transparent flexible electronic circuits, organic photovoltaic, flexible e-books, tablet wearable computers, flexible organic light emitting diodes, etc. , in the case that silicon-based electronic products cannot provide solutions, emerging technology needs are expected to be met.
The key component of flexible transparent electronics is flexible transparent conductive film.
So far, flexible films with transparent conductive oxidation of indium tin (ITO)
A wide range of applications have been studied due to its low resistivity (≤10u2009Ωu2009·u2009cm)
High transparency (≥80%)
In the visible area.
However, indium is very expensive (
Almost $1400/kg)
Because of its scarcity.
Therefore, it is important to develop cheap materials with good photoelectric properties
Electrical performance.
Some potential alternatives, such as zinc oxide doping (ZnO)
And tin oxide (SnO)
It is considered as a promising alternative to flexible transparent conductive ITO film.
Unfortunately, the resistivity is still not low enough for practical applications.
High manufacturing
The performance of flexible transparent conductive film is challenging due to trade reasons
Turn off between the treatment temperature and the performance of the film.
Recently, some researchers have tried to solve this problem by using a new structure.
Sandwich structure of dielectric/metal/dielectric multi-layer system.
This structure has flexibility, low resistivity and high transparency due to reflection from the metal layer, can be suppressed by multi-layer systems and achieve higher transparency.
In metal, gold (Au), silver (Ag)and cuprum (Cu)
Because they have very low resistivity.
But Al is more sensitive to oxygen than Ag and Au is more expensive.
So we chose Ag as the metal layer.
Silver tin acid (BaSnO, BS)
It is a potential semiconductor material, and various applications have been found in modern technology, including photoelectric, thermal stability capacitor, gas sensor, humidity sensor, etc. BaSnO as an n-
Broadband Gap Semiconductor (3. 4u2009eV)
High carrier mobility, high transparency (>90%)
In the wavelength range from rmbnm to 2600nm, good adhesion with glass and plastic substrates.
In addition, it has chemical and thermal stability in the hydrogen plasma process and can be used as an optical coating for the production of flexible transparent electronic products.
In the process of preparing transparent conductive film, due to its low cost, good adhesion, high deposition rate and friendly environment, it is considered to be the most favorable deposition method with uniform thickness in a large area, the deposition process is easy to control.
In this paper, a sandwich structure of BaSnO/Ag/BaSnO multi-layer flexible transparent conductive film system is designed and deposited on pc (PC)
Flexible substrate for RF and DC magnet sputtering.
The thickness of the BaSnO and Ag layers is used as design parameters during optimization.
The performance of BAB multi-layer films based on optical and electrical properties has been evaluated with one advantage.
The influence of Ag layer thickness on the conduction mechanism and the effect of Ag layer on the transmission energy were studied.
The bending properties of multi-layer flexible film are studied.
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