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High-tech cat care system uses feline facial recognition technology - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
High-tech cat care system uses feline facial recognition technology  -  pet manufacturing process
Technology is expected to improve the lives of people and pets, making everything more convenient from wearable health tracking devices to automatic pet doors.
Now, a new automatic feeding system and the health tracker for cats take advantage of the technology that is still leading even for humans: facial recognition.
The system, known as Bistro, has just surpassed the $100,000 target in the crowd --
Funds raised by the website.
Bistro uses facial recognition software to ensure that every cat, even if it is more
Cat family, get the care he or she needs. Mu-
Chi Chong, founder of 42 ark, a company specializing in pet technology, came up with the idea after one of his three cats suffered a serious health crisis.
The cat was paralyzed and had to cut off two legs.
Song is determined not to let the same happen to other cats.
Groupon has developed Bistro, a device that can be used both as an automatic feeder and as a pet health manager. Bistro has developed Bistro.
Sensors track the cat's weight, feeding and drinking habits, and built-in
In the camera, with facial recognition software, if you have more than one cat, distinguish which cats are eating.
"The Bistro system will inform me on the first day of Momo's appetite change.
"It will also provide advice on how much appetite changes need to go to the vet," Forrester told CBS News in an email . ".
"If a vet can treat Momo early on, there will be no heart attack and blood clots, which will require cutting off her legs.
"The wearable technology of Pets14 photosA wearables has provided pet owners with insights into similar health trends, such as calories consumed, calories burned, and the number of physical activity.
However, Vivo is not optimistic about the use of cat wearables.
Most cats are reluctant to wear collars, he noted. -
"Of course, I don't have three cats," he said . "
"The Bistro connects the cat, its owner, and the vet.
There are no other solutions on the market that can track key health metrics and link the results to the truth of the three parties
Time, "Song said.
"The very positive feedback we get from veterinarians across the United States confirms this.
"The price of Bistro feeder is estimated at $249, but is offered to Indiegogo supporters at a lower price.
According to the company, the extension line will start shipping in February 2015.
Riot is already thinking about the next step: the dog's Bistro, though it may pose a bigger technical challenge.
He admitted that the bistro team decided to focus on cats first because they were relatively uniform in size ---
Solve engineering problems faster.
But "if we see enough demand, we will start the dog design and manufacturing process faster," he added . ".
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