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hold court at home - cut to size polycarbonate sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
hold court at home  -  cut to size polycarbonate sheets
Houses with internal courtyards are old examples of buildings that allow natural light and ventilation into the center of the House, while creating a focus for family activities.
For centuries, Rajasthan has lived in havelis,
Literally means "a closed space ")
In the south, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have their visum-style houses.
In addition, houses with central "Atrium" are popular worldwide.
The inner courtyard was once a natural way to adapt to climate conditions.
Thus, in the cold and dry areas of northern India, there are large courtyards in the home and sometimes two or three to capture the maximum sun.
In the south, due to the hot and humid climate, the small patio in the center of the House helps to guide the warm air out of the room.
Today, the concept of the inner courtyard of the home is back again, it is not necessarily to regulate the weather, but as a design feature of aesthetics and sense of space and light.
The most common design of modern courtyards is built in the center of the house.
Depending on the overall theme, it is delineated by bricks, granite or wood, and columns that are common or decorated.
Many people order special carved teak pillars or buy them from the demolished old house.
The floor of the courtyard usually sinks a few inches.
The area may be surrounded by a short wall and run around and sit around.
Above the area, the roof is usually open to the sky, but may be protected by the grille and covered with glass or polycarbonate plates to prevent dust and rain.
However, you can install a remote control if the skylight is for ventilation
Control the system, open and close a piece of paper when needed.
In a contemporary residence, the inner courtyard can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on its area and family lifestyle.
It can be planned and designed accordingly.
The courtyard can be paved with clay bricks or Kota stone, looks like a rustic style, can be paved with granite or marble, can be paved with shiny finishes, can also be planted in the open air
The seats used here should be strong to withstand direct heat, cold and humidity, ideally made of sugar cane, forged material
Iron, stone or brick.
The printed interior decoration, wooden furniture and exquisite laces will soon show the effect of light and heat.
There is plenty of direct sunlight in the garden space, you can have lawn and flowering plants, and you can also grow fresh herbs as a pot of tea.
As long as the roots do not spread widely, even small fruit trees like papaya are possible.
If watering is a problem, you can go and make fake rock with cactus.
The fountains, Wells or fish ponds here look attractive and can be part of the conversation.
It would be more practical to supplement rainwater harvesting wells with roof-top pipes rather than natural ones.
The courtyard inside the party space is an ideal place to meet friends and entertain.
Install the subtle lifting in the corner and hang the lantern for a soft effect.
With stone seats, rattan furniture, barbecue grills or bars, you can have a party.
The courtyard of the family space is an overflow-
More than a safe area for living/dining space and children's play.
Place toys like molded plastic swings
See the wait here and let the children under your gaze.
This is also the ideal space for a family to spend time with, or to have the elders sit together and not feel cut off.
Put down the rattan mat, floor mat and yellow hemp carpet and let the family rest or play games indoors.
Even if the family doesn't have time to use the space, it can be the place to show the artwork.
Here, a huge statue, stone carvings, heavy metal antiques and so on cannot be accommodated in other places.
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