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hollywood writers have fired their agents; here's why - barrier films for food packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-10
hollywood writers have fired their agents; here\'s why  -  barrier films for food packaging
Fans of various TV dramas and movies that follow the above-mentioned Project authors on Twitter encountered some very different things on Friday afternoon --
A large number of tweets have sent out a form letter showing the writers who have announced that they have broken ties with their institutions.
But while Friday's action may be introductory to some, it's actually the end of a brewing war between writers and their delegates over the past 12 months.
Last year, WGA (
Union representing working writers within the domestic and geographic scope)
Announced that it will not renew a 40-year agreement with the four major talent institutions based in Los Angeles (
Instead, a new agreement will be sought, now referred to as a "code of conduct", which will come into force when the existing agreement expires on April 6, 2019.
However, no progress was made when the deadline came.
Although the representative of the Guild and institution (
Represented by an organization known as the talent agency Association (ATA)
Multiple meetings to determine details failed to reach a final decision on two of the most pressing issues resolved in the negotiations: Packaging fees and agency-owned studios.
The problem of packaging costs is a very complicated problem from the design point of view --
This is part of its inherent problems.
On the face of it, it seems that this boils down to the fact that agencies receive upfront fees to bring projects to studios that have multiple clients represented by the above-mentioned institutions themselves (
This is the job they often claim to do but don't actually do).
However, it is well known that these expenses often exceed the income earned by the customer himself --
If it's not millions of dollars, it's usually more than thousands of dollars.
In WGA's view, this cost lacks incentives for agencies to negotiate the best deal for clients, as upfront costs are delivered regardless of the success of the project.
This leads to a practice that often harms the best interests of projects and customers to find false upfront costs that exceed 10% of the standard provided to delegates --
Sometimes it causes the whole show to not be produced or produced by the most enthusiastic people, simply because agency fees need to be separated in a way that the organization does not agree or does not agree.
WGA seeks agencies to cancel these fees in order for delegates to be more inclined to seek the best deal for their clients again, even more so if multiple items are paired on one project.
This problem caused the next problem of the agent.
Weapons of production
The guild claims these
House studios creates inherent conflicts of interest as they result in agents not being motivated to negotiate in good faith on behalf of their clients.
WGA's requirement is to split these companies into businesses unrelated to the agency itself.
After several months of repetition, these agencies are demanding 11-
Try to extend the deadline by one hour and continue the negotiations.
The guild agreed that this is what brought us last Friday, when, in the eyes of the Guild, these institutions failed to find a satisfactory solution, and therefore, the order was issued, all guild members immediately dismiss their agents (
After receiving the guild member's 95% vote for this authorization a few weeks ago).
In addition to this, it remains to be seen what has happened ahead of ongoing negotiations, but when this move affects the busiest of Hollywood employees in the year, things will almost immediately become the focus.
This month starts from 8 to 10.
It is often called the weekly flow of "staffing season.
"It's a time for a presenter to submit material from various sources for potential employees, filling out their writing staff in a program that wants to get a selection of series --
Welcome to the upcoming autumn and spring Internet TV season.
A more common way is to fill out these potential respondent locations through the submission of the customer representative.
However, since all studio work must be WGA certified, this means that most submissions are for existing WGA members who have just released their agents as of last weekend.
For some, this dynamic will not change much, because some members will also be represented by managers who do not belong to the overall action of the Guild.
So, the submission can be made in this form.
But the most affected are those who lack this option.
As a result, since the traditional pipeline is going to get into chaos, many members have started looking for jobs on Twitter and helping others find jobs.
Some of these movements have been labeled WGAStaffingBoost and WGASolidarityChallenge, which are characterized by the writers doing their best to build a non-
The traditional network wants to keep trains running smoothly for the rest of the hiring season.
In addition to the steps taken by the guild itself, including a brand new internal union submission system
Representative writer.
This is the current situation.
At the commencement of business today, writers of any union representative are not allowed to carry delegates who have not yet signed the code of conduct (
There are several boutique agents).
For an industry that has long used institutions as barriers to entry, this is an unprecedented change.
In short: The industry is in an unknown field as never before.
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