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holograms: seeing double - mylar plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
holograms: seeing double  -  mylar plastic
Miku is a dream pop singer.
She is lovely and lively, and has a long blue braid.
She was number one in Japan and never made a bad note.
She would never cancel the show because she was "exhausted" or was put on a wallpaper for doing something she shouldn't have done-she could even wear thigh stockings --
Skim the girls' skirt without anyone screaming. Why?
Because she's not real.
She's a holographic.
Miku was originally born as a voice product, combining voice with android technology.
The first sound Miku is powered by Yamaha, developed by Japanese company Cryton Future Media, and is basically a software you can buy and create pop music. Real-
The song of life is broken down into a series of tiny pieces of sound that can be regrouped into any word and phrase, allowing program users to enter their own lyrics, then they heard them sing directly to them.
Very strange.
As Miku shows become more and more popular, its cartoon image is also becoming more and more popular: an animated avatar called the initial Miku.
Soon you will be able to get a tool in all of her virtual glory that will allow you to create 3D Miku.
The Miku fan campaign followed closely, with a recent flurry of sales reaching its climax
At the concert, Miku appeared in the form of a holographic image showing her work in front of exciting Japanese fans.
She is the most popular pop singer. she is just a trick of lighting.
This is not the first time a holographic image replaces a real deal: a virtual will. i.
Am with an in-the-
The German band Tokio Hotel has completed the entire holographic tour.
Speaking of cartoons, Gorillaz arrived there a while ago and appeared at the "scene" in the form of a 3D holographic photo at the 2006 Grammy Awards-accompanied by a real Madonna, the complete result is only a projection.
Musion, a British company, is also exploring the potential of holographic photography.
Apply the latest technology to No. 19
Century Drama technique, which creates images of walking and talking in real time and has the brain
3D appearance (the Will. i.
According to a newspaper, the performances of am and Cheryl Cole at the German awards ceremony on January did not mention that the Black-Eyed Peas singer was an illusion).
So how does it work?
The systems used by different companies may be slightly different, but James Rock, director of Musion, explains the company's technology.
Place a large reflective surface at 45 °
The angle of the stage;
Historically, glass is used, but Musion has applied for a patent for "eyeliner foil", which is made up of very tight stretch, thin, transparent
The image is then projected onto the screen on the floor in front of the stage.
The precise angle of the reflective foil means that the image looks like it is on stage.
In order to work, the projected image must be taken in a black background, and the stage must have a dark background so that the projected background will "disappear" into the dark, leaving only a colored holographic image.
Professor John Henry Pepper came up with basically the same trick in the ghost of 1860 s-Pepper, but used glass.
"For a large piece of glass, at 45-
"The angle must be very thick, which means you will get a double image," Rock explains.
It is called the "ghost" of pepper, because when pre-
Electric light source.
"The German inventor Uwe Maass found in early 1990 that polymer foil could be replaced with high
HD video and a brighter projector means that the image is no longer like a ghost;
It looks very real.
For many of us, in addition to the small certified panels on our credit cards, the last experience of holographic photography may be those fancy floating red and green 3D images of the 1980 s.
So how do we find these lifelike apparitions?
Rock admitted that I was not looking at holographic pictures all the time.
"We use the term 'holographic effect.
But the public thinks that a lot of things are holographic images, and we ride behind them.
People who usually see Star Wars and Princess Leia will "help me, Obi -"
Like a holographic.
"However, Musion has not yet reached the level of Star Wars-there is no volume holographic (
Someone you can walk around)
You have to sit face to face.
Look at their creations.
One of its developments does have an obvious science.
However, the taste of it is: transmission.
This allows you to display as holographic images in real time in multiple locations around the world.
You can even chat with the interviewer or answer questions from the audience.
Remote rendering technology relies on superfast fibre-
Transmit the image and ensure that there is no time lag cable (
The delay is a trivial 0. 2 seconds)
But these are not everywhere yet.
However, it seems bound to take off: the keynote speaker can speak at several meetings at the same time;
Those who are worried about carbon emissions may reduce their flight mileage;
When faced with the prospect of a public speech, anyone with a sweaty hand can give a speech from a safe haven in their office.
In fact, Prince Charles has used the technology to deliver a keynote speech at the energy forum in Abu Dhabi while staying in the UK, eliminating guilt about the carbon footprint.
So this is technology-but what is the experience?
I want to be a holographic image, and while I may just shine into Musion's studio from a small room upstairs, Star Trek, I'm excited, just like I'm about to be launched --style.
However, this is far from the reality.
This is a very simple setup.
Up-I was in a small room with a black background and the bright LEDs panel aligned me.
I have a small microphone on my ear, so I can interact with the "audience" downstairs.
In front of me is a TV screen where I can see a vision
Through the version of my holographic self on stage, and the sofa facing it (
Where will my audience-and potential doubts-be).
There is an unobtrusive HD camera under the screen that records me.
I feel a bit embarrassed because I know I'm being looked at in a completely different space, but at my end it's not more than the first time someone turned their camera phone to me
What's more interesting is to be downstairs and watch Musion employee Jude Collins show the holographic telepresence on stage.
Where she lives-
She walks, talks, she talks.
Her legs seem to have disappeared.
She is wearing black tights, but she is not wearing dark clothes.
No, if you want to look full of limbs)
, Fade in and out slightly when they adjust the light-bright enough to look real, but not so bright that it glows.
Next to the holographic image, I have a stage.
Rock is passionate about many applications of Musion holographic effects;
The most popular is holographic karaoke.
Forget about the rock band-this could give you the chance to double-sing with David Bowie, be Beyoncé of holographic Gaga, or a fan of Lennon --McCartney.
It has been used in Abbaworld, where you can sing next to the cartoon version of the Swede.
So I took to the stage and tried to fill the vacancy for Cheryl Cole in preparation for her duet with will. i. am (
Actually, I just feel a little casual about myself.
Conscious, not trying to sing;
The country's sweetheart can rest assured).
Again, the experience is not surprising when you're behind the scenes-the audience can see it through foil, but it's also a bit blurry as there's also a "head"
"The video shows you so you can see how you and the hologram appear in front of the audience like that.
This helps you to avoid arms running through the holographic image's face while breaking some particularly hot dance moves, this somehow makes the game go away-because you can't actually see the holographic image when it looks like it's standing next to you. A face-to-
Therefore, the face encounter between me and my own holographic image is more strange to the person sitting on the sofa than my shadow and I are on the stage.
Holographic images have proven profitable in the advertising and corporate markets, and Rock has even told us some market research shows that 3D images are more memorable than watching standard 2D videos, because you have to use both sides of your brain.
"You are dealing with more things, so it will be a more memorable experience.
"There's a big branch of advertising," Rock said . ".
Of course, the technology is not cheap, hiring thousands of people, which means that the technology is likely to be used by large companies for flash Entertainment, as well as advertising, for a period of time.
But with "stars" such as Miku, Japan, proving the great appeal of unreal, and the commercial potential of telepresence, the holographic world may be closer than you think. Beam me up!
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