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home improvement : blocking sun's heat with barrier in attic - high barrier film manufacturers

by:Cailong     2019-07-04
home improvement : blocking sun\'s heat with barrier in attic  -  high barrier film manufacturers
Question: even if my air is high
Air-conditioned electricity, my house is not comfortable in the afternoon.
The heat seems to come down directly from the ceiling.
What can I do to block this heat?
A: It's not your imagination that heat blows you up from the ceiling.
In the hot afternoon sun, your roof can easily reach more than 150 degrees.
Even if there is enough insulation for the attic floor, the hot roof emits heat directly to the ceiling.
This will not only increase your cost of cooling, but will also make you feel warm on a long night.
There are two simple and cheap waysit-
Your own radiation barrier method to stop the heat from the roof from entering your ceiling. Both methods--special low-
Emissitro silver paint or reflective reinforced foil--
Applied under the roof inside the attic.
After the foil is installed, the radiation heat passing through is less than 5%.
New special low reflective
Radiant paint sprayed on the underside of the roof in the attic.
It reduces the radiation rate (
Ability of materials to transmit radiant heat)
From around 85% of the normal roof sheath to less than 20%.
After applying special paint, the heat of the hot roof cannot be passed down to the insulation and the ceiling below.
Instead, excess heat is naturally drained through the attic vents and roof panels.
The roof itself will not get hotter because of the paint below, and its longevity or durability will not be affected.
You can spray paint under your roof with a normal paint spray.
Spray the paint on the roof is also very effective but looks silver.
This reflects the heat before the sun reaches the roof and also protects your wooden tile from damage.
When painting in closed areas, always wear approved safety and breathing devices.
Another easy way is to install the radiation barrier aluminum foil under the roof raf Sub.
Because of the very low radiation rate, 95% of the radiant heat on the roof is blocked from the ceiling.
For durability and simple installation, foil is usually reinforced with plastic fiber or kraft paper.
It is very easy to install the radiation barrier membrane yourself.
The reinforcing foil is available in length four-Wide roll of feet.
You just nailed it under the raf on the roof.
The cleanliness of the work is not important for the effectiveness of foil blocking heat.
To be most effective, ensure adequate ventilation in the attic.
Then the hot air between the foil and the roof naturally flows up and out.
You can write to me about the update number for utilities
Listing address and phone number of 130 low-tech manufacturers:
Radiant paint and radiant barrier foil, foil samples, installation instructions and specifications, as well as charts showing the recommended ventilation area in the attic.
Please include $1. 50 and a self-
Address business-size envelope.
Plate environmental protection?
Q: I used a crushing board in a well.
Sound insulation and tight room.
What is the participation board made, environmental protection?
A: participation board is more environmental friendly
Friendly products.
It is usually made of more than 90% pieces of waste wood from sawmill and logging mill.
Most of the waste in the production process can be recovered in the process.
The only possible problem is that it releases gas if you are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde.
Ensure adequate ventilation, especially in the first year and in hot and humid conditions.
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