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home improvement - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
home improvement  -  clear plastic sheets
BERNARD gladounl toll 22 1973 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes. com.
According to the US product safety agency, more than 200,000 accidents
Some people do fatal damage.
It happens every year, because in dangerous places such as storm doors, shower doors, ground floor windows use ordinary window glass, garage doors and other places, people may be hit or cut by broken glass.
Almost all of these accidents can be avoided if the glass used is replaced by one of the various safety glass materials approved by the safety glass Certification Board for this purpose --
Associations of industrial and government agencies and other organizations interested in promoting security.
Recognizing the need for this, about half of the states in the country now have laws requiring the use of safety glazing in all potentially dangerous places (
Usually, someone is in danger of falling over the glass and may break the glass).
Even in areas where there is no legal requirement yet, wise homeowners will do everything they can to replace ordinary glass in dangerous places with broken glass-proof materials.
This will include storm doors, windows, garage doors, shower doors and glass windows in other places that may pose a threat to human contact.
Products approved for use as safety glass materials are products that meet the requirements of the National Standards Association of America specifications, and if approved, standard labels and numbers will be permanently marked in one corner of each pane or panel-(ANSI Z97. 1).
Homeowners should look for this label or logo before buying.
Three types of glass are currently approved for advertising
Tempered glass, laminated glass and wire glass.
In addition, several transparent plastic boards have been approved, which are best suited for installation at home.
Tempered glass of a specific size must be ordered, which usually means a considerable delay;
Laminated glass is difficult to cut, heavy, thicker than glass, and difficult to use;
Wire Glass is not very transparent or attractive and is mainly used in industrial or commercial buildings and factories.
The reader's clinical problem of advertising maintenance on home maintenance should be raised to the family.
New York Times improvement Department, New York Times Square, New York, New YorkY. 10036.
This column will only answer questions of general interest.
Question: Our summer house, which closed for eight months in a year, has a 4-foot crawl space and the floor is completely dry.
If insulation is installed between the floor beams in the crawling space, does this cause dry rot of the wood above? D. W. B. , Summit, N. J. ANSWER:No—
But I would suggest laying a layer of steam barrier polyethylene film on the dirty floor.
Problem: we have hard wood paneling about 18 years old and it seems to be covered with a fine layer of dust
It also looks dull and faded.
It turns out that there is a shiny varnish or paint on it.
Can you suggest how to recover? E. R. G. , New York, N. Y.
A: First, use the method of wiping and vacuuming to completely absorb dust.
Then gently polish with fine sandpaper and wipe with a sticky rag (
Sold in most paint shops)
Remove all sanding dust.
If wax has been used in the past, wipe it with solvents such as gasoline.
Then apply two layers of high gloss or semi-gloss varnish.
Problem: since the new siding and insulation has been installed, there is a moldy smell inside my summer cabin with some visible mold on the wood products.
Since then, I have provided some ventilation for the damp crawl space under the house and installed a 3-inch mini vent on the wall near the top of the House
There are few improvements.
Can the extra vents between the bolts solve the problem? A. A. , New York, N. Y.
A: In my opinion, the vents or blinds you have installed are not large enough.
Loft blinds close to peaks should be large enough with at least 1 square foot of clear opening for every 300 square feet of loft space;
The crawl space vents should provide at least two square feet of barrier-free openings per 25 foundation walls.
The tough, transparent plastic currently approved for this purpose is by far the easiest to handle and install, and they are also rapidly becoming the most popular plastic.
They are more resistant to crushing than glass, and when they are broken, sharp flakes or edges are hardly dangerous.
At present, there are three kinds of widely used: polystyrene, polycarbonate and acrylic acid (
Vinyl and fiberglass are also available clearly, but they are not widely used for glazing and are not currently approved by the safety glazing Certification Board).
Advertising polystyrene is not as clear as the other two, nor is it as crushed as the other two, nor is it suitable for outdoor use.
Both Polycarbonate and acrylic are approved for outdoor use, and both are almost as clear as glass and fully weather-resistant. Lexan (
GE manufacturing)
Probably the most well known brand name in polycarbonates, it may be the most resistant to breakage in all clear plastic, as it also carries the laboratory "anti-theft" rating of the underwriters, because it can withstand damage under heavy blows. Plexiglas (
Made by Roma and Haas)
It is undoubtedly the most famous acrylic brand recognized by S. G. C. C.
Another advantage of it is that it now has a wide range of sales in many retail hardware stores, wood mills and craft stores of different sizes and thicknesses.
Another well-known acrylic brand is Lucite (
Done by DuPont).
In fact, all of these plastic sheets have a sticky protective paper facing both sides at the time of purchase, which should be left on it when cutting and installing to protect the surface from scratchesplastics (all of them)
Easier to scratch than glass.
After the old glass is removed, or if the glass breaks, the plastic is cut to the appropriate size after the fragments of the re-body (
If less than or equal to 1/16, 36 inch less than the opening)
, Use a fine tooth blade in a military knife saw, a hacker saw, or a special Sharp scoring tool sold for this purpose. (
Using the scoring tool, the sheet can be scored in depth, and then the sheet is split in two by placing a large pin and pressing on both sides of the cut. )
Thinner materials can be used for storm door plug-ins (
About 1/10)
By installing it directly into the same frame as the glass installation.
The protective paper is pulled back to the edge, the plastic drops into the frame opening, and then re-inserts the vinyl gasket that holds the glass in place to secure the plastic sheet.
Thick plastic sheets if needed (3/16 or ¼inch)
It is perfectly possible to use without using the original frame, simply install the plastic in the door opening in place of the original removable frame.
This thicker material is also the best for regular window fans and glass doors.
Like glass, traditional glass compounds can be used, but the silicone rubber calking material is the best for the strongest and most durable bonding.
A version of this file was printed on page 132 of the New York edition on April 22, 1973, with the title: Home improvement.
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