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home improvements: polycarbonate roofs - polycarbonate conservatory roof panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-23
home improvements: polycarbonate roofs  -  polycarbonate conservatory roof panels
We are interested in buying a converted barn.
It has a greenhouse at one end of the kitchen with double
Glass windows and polycarbonate roof.
This kind of roof needs to give the room enough light, but I am afraid we will lose a lot of heat in the winter.
Is there a cost-
An effective solution that provides both lighting and energy saving?
By email A, it depends on what you mean by the cost
I think it works.
Any material that allows light to pass also allows heat to pass through.
The latest high
Performance glaze unit (
Solar glass exterior panel, charge ar, heating-
Reflection internal pane)
The insulation value is about 1 out of 3 of the insulated roof, 12 to 16 per square meter.
Compared to existing polycarbonate sheets, they may save enough energy to pay for themselves in about 10 years.
While my source has told me that the ar gas filling will leak out for a long time before that, you won't know it's gone.
Of course, unless the glass is installed in accordance with the British standard 6262, in the rebate of drainage, ventilation, these equipment will also be contaminated internally before the return date is reached.
However, regardless of the economy, I suggest you glaze the roof.
Otherwise, the rain on the rain roof will distract you.
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Most builders have three stocks: washed rough and sharp sand for floor ironing boards;
Plastering with sharp sand washed;
And unwashed soft "construction sand" for brick mortar ".
The latter is usually orange/yellow due to high silt content and after
1945 with the rise of cement mortar (
Cement and sharp sand mortar is not "fat" enough to apply with spatula).
Construction Sand is too soft for plastering and will crack soon or the weather is not good.
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