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homemade greenhouse ideas - transparent polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
homemade greenhouse ideas  -  transparent polycarbonate
Experts estimate that a 15-person greenhouse is enough for a family of four or five people.
20 m² of fresh vegetable sources are available throughout the year.
Location is very important.
First, it must receive as much sunlight as possible.
The humidity of the soil should then be low in winter and protected by strong winds.
For example, the greenhouse should be not far from the wall of the House or the annex building, but there must also be sunlight, or the wind stops at a safe distance close to the curtains.
It can be considered that the slightly sloping ground will help to drain the water and the ground at a higher position will not be flooded.
If it is fertile soil, Sandy, and the salt concentration is low enough, then the land can be used in this way.
Otherwise, you have to dig enough depth with a shovel to develop the plant roots of the future and replace it with sandy soil or garden soil (
Available for purchase)
Or collect forest soil from an area you know that has not been planted for many years, a soil where nutrients are not culturally absorbed.
Of course, you want to eat organic food, so you need to choose fertile soil, where you don't need to use fertilizer, just fertilizer, probably from your own animals.
How much is it ready-
You can buy a mini greenhouse or a ready-made greenhouse if you have moneyMake a greenhouse.
The internet is full of such offers.
Prices vary depending on the size, structure and facilities you want.
For example, a 6-
8 square meters, 2 m high, metal frame, wall and roof made of transparent polycarbonate, folded two small windows through sliding doors and roof, naturally ventilated for about $900$1000.
For larger blocks and various structures, such as tunnel versions with metal frames and plastic coated films, or square structures with brick or stone bases, the cost is high, 35 euro/square meter somewhere.
The cost is much lower for solar wood construction, about 15 to 20 euro/M2.
If you want to do business, then you need a real solar energy for selling vegetables, which costs a lot more.
For example, according to some estimates, approximately 500 of the solarium is fully equipped (
Drip irrigation, etc. )
Over $10,000
Then you need money to sow, work, harvest, transport, etc.
If you decide to build your own greenhouse with what you have at hand and only buy what is necessary, the cost will be much lower.
For example, you can use beams of Acacia, oak, elm, and Mountain hairy trees instead of Cork like fir trees.
The building itself is basically the same as the house, with ties and raf son.
Please note that while the wooden structure is cheaper, the metal structure with profiles is more durable and profitable in the long run.
A greenhouse is nothing more than a closed space created specifically to produce the best plant growth and development.
Basically, it creates micro
Plants consider a favorable climate.
Its initial purpose was to protect plants from negative factors that could affect growth and outcomes.
There are many ways to build a greenhouse.
In this case, it can be designed with different materials, the base is polyethylene.
You can build the greenhouse skeleton of different sizes of iron bars in the form of arches supported by thin wire racks.
The installation is very easy and the material cost is not that expensive.
The great thing about it is that you invest once and you can spend three to four years.
After this time, just need to change the film.
The main steps to build a wooden greenhouse because wood is the material that everyone can use and the possibility of processing is OK, let's see what to do in this regard.
The first thing you have to do is consider the size of the greenhouse.
I mean length, width and height.
All of this should be a less favorable height for 2. 5-3 m.
This is to grow large plants like tomatoes.
The next step is to build a greenhouse pillar that can be made of wood.
I would suggest that these pillars are hardwood columns like acacia.
You have to draw or mark the surface of the earth on which you want to build.
Prepare pillars, stakes.
They should be 2 in length. 5 m.
Dig a hole every 2 metres.
The pit is 50 cm deep.
Type the column in the hole and align.
After this operation, each column is established separately.
How did you do it?
Add the soil you remove when digging a pit to each post and settle it with a wooden puller or other charging tool.
Your greenhouse is beginning to take shape.
What are the next steps?
Add a beam above the pillar and connect with each other.
Once done, define greenhouse as two equal parts and set the post length below to enter here.
The first two pillars must be located in front and back of the greenhouse.
Their length is 3. 5 m.
Considering 50 cm
Will enter the ground.
Once you have built these pillars, the distance of the EQ from them (front and back)
And enter the following bet.
Don't forget to apply a beam on them.
If things go well, all you have to do from now on is connect the two bases, bones together.
Therefore, the beams placed on the pillars are connected, and the pillars form the walls of the beams, and the height of the beams forms the greenhouse, resulting in the skeleton that forms the roof.
Fir boards are used for this operation.
Measure the rear surface that forms both sides of the roof and beat 50 boards at 50 centimeters.
Or every half meter.
Because the roof has two parts, pay attention to the matching between these plates.
I mean the distance between the slats.
At the top it has to come together.
Your greenhouse is ready.
In order to avoid storing rain on the roof, do not put wires or other things on these boards, because such things will form when it rains
The name of the movie is belly, which may break your greenhouse.
You can now add a front door to your greenhouse.
Of course, you can also put the tape on the side to solidify. The idea is to consolidate it well.
When you arrive at the end of the construction, it is time to wrap your greenhouse with foil.
There are several ways to cover the greenhouse with polyethylene film, but I will introduce you to the easiest way.
If you do this: we apply these two different methods to the greenhouse.
Pack the bag first, and then wrap the two sides. How to do this?
Measure the roof, measure the foil, and apply it to the roof.
In addition, capture the film with slats on one side of the beam (
Which one do you like, left or right).
Jump to the other side of the greenhouse, stretch the film inside slat, and grab it as before (the first part).
Once you're done, go to the end of the greenhouse.
There you will have excess foil.
Like you do on the roof, fold and capture the movie with slats.
Then measure one side of the greenhouse, width and height.
Make sure the height is greater than 50 cm as part of the movie goes into the ground (about 50 cm).
After cutting the foil, lay it on the ground and increase the length of the wire.
Grab the film with a metal clip, lift it up and put it on the side beam (at the top).
Dig a ditch at the bottom and bury the remaining 50 cm of the foil.
As you can see, the film for making the Greenhouse walls is ready.
The rest is to play it from top to bottom when you need to vent the greenhouse.
This is a very practical and useful method.
It gives you the opportunity to gradually Air according to the temperature inside the vegetable.
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