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hong kong protests: arrests as admiralty site is cleared - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
hong kong protests: arrests as admiralty site is cleared  -  clear plastic sheets
More than 200 activists were arrested in Hong Kong.
Democratic protest camp in Golden Bell
The dissolution ended peacefully, but many activists vowed to continue other forms of civil disobedience.
Earlier on Thursday, police began their operation, which is widely regarded as the last action for a long time.
In recent weeks, demonstrations have fallen from tens of thousands in September.
Activists hope Beijing will allow free elections for the next leader in 2017.
China says everyone can vote in addition to supporting the vote
The Beijing Committee will screen candidates.
The police began to clear the camp and dismantle the tent after issuing an order asking the protesters to evacuate the "occupied area" within 30 minutes or face arrest.
Among those arrested were Li Zhiming, founder of the opposition Democratic Party, student leader Nathan Lowe, media mogul Jimmy Lai and singer Dennis Ho.
When police approached the last remaining protesters, Alex Chow, head of the Hong Kong Student Federation, called the crowd, saying the battle was not over, the Associated Press reported.
Meanwhile, according to the South China Morning Post, more than a dozen people opposed to the protests appeared in front of the police to cheer.
The bailiff was the first bailiff to enforce a court order to remove a peripheral roadblock.
They made it very light.
Then, as promised, the police took over them, chanting slogans as they slowly advanced, riot shields hanging around them, and hundreds approaching from all directions.
However, the camp has been largely abandoned, leaving only a few hundred camps to the last stop.
They were arrested one by one, raised high, raised horizontally, with their faces facing forward, shouting "true universal suffrage ".
Within a few hours, the camp ceased to exist, as steel claws of abandoned trucks creaked up tents and other rubbish and rubbish protesting life.
In the end, however, it was a protest movement that was defeated not by force but by fatigue.
In the face of China's refusal to make any concessions, it has lost its momentum.
But for protesters, while their unique public space is carved out of skyscrapers, the struggle for democracy is over --they insist -is not.
Earlier in the morning, the bailiff, before the workers moved in with the support of the police and began to dismantle the barricades part of the site, read the final warning to the protesters, using the box cutter to remove the tie.
Video footage from the scene showed that the police removed the emergency tent and the study area used by the students.
Trucks equipped with cranes are also used to pick up debris left from broken obstacles, plastic sheets and umbrellas.
The permit was the result of a court order obtained by a bus company that said the protests had disrupted its business.
Although the order covers three parts of the old site of Admiralty, including the main section of Connaught Road, Hong Kong police spokesman Zhang De-
The police will also clear the blocked roads, Keane said.
He said they would remove the barricades at the second protest site in Causeway Bay in due course.
According to the South China Morning Post, about 20 people are still there. Some pro-
Democratic politicians and students at the scene, academics and police supervision agencies are overseeing clean-up operations.
However, with the arrival of Thursday, some protesters packed their tents.
"I may leave before the operation because if my name is recorded by the police, my work will be difficult," said a 29-year-old. year-
Old protesters told AFP.
How protests have evolved over the past two months, and last month, the third protest site in Mong Kok was cleared and the conflict broke out.
On Wednesday, Hong Kong's top civil servant, Carrie Lam, urged students to leave the old site of Admiralty peacefully.
Later that night, more than 10,000 people gathered at the scene of the protest, shouting for support.
Many see this as a farewell to the current demonstrations.
At their peak, the protests were seen as the biggest challenge to Beijing's rule since 1997 Hong Kong's return.
The rallies in late September and early October gathered large crowds on the streets.
But over time, the number of protests has declined, and many Hong Kong residents have also objected to the damage caused by the protests.
Beijing has not changed its stance on the Hong Kong election process, calling the demonstrations illegal.
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