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hospitality on the highway - suppliers of polycarbonate roofing sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
hospitality on the highway  -  suppliers of polycarbonate roofing sheets
This is the hot summer.
If you want to cool down with some frozen desserts and feel good about staying away from chemicals --
Full of flavor and color in your ice cream spoon, then there's a new stop here-ice cream van in Chennai!
Those who beat madulai
The Rameswaram highway is often familiar with the sun and shade here.
It used to be called the "parozza highway"
Earlier, it was converted into thinnai two years ago.
On the busy highway, casual and informal restaurants have been selling natural, healthy, homely food and some innovative and converged products, gradually boosting the market over the years.
The latest in their kitchen is a home-cooked ice cream with only natural ingredients-fresh milk, sugar and eggs.
No colors and flavors are added to the recipe.
It launched natural vanilla ice two weeks ago.
The cream and it have had ripples.
Highway travelers, local villagers, nearby college students, office workers and people, especially the children, from madulai town, all like it.
The people who have tasted it can tell the difference-it is more delicious and richer and not as easy to melt as the existing versions on the market.
The couple behind it-
Bhavani and M. D. Vel--
I like feedback very much.
The soft Board shown in the compound says: "color your nails, not cakes" and "perfume your body, not cookies" and they justify the product they sell
Their early factory fresh brand was also replaced by Akkarai (
Responsible for snacks)
And expanded the project portfolio.
So people here can eat and shop.
But now people are addicted to ice cream because it's not a processed additive --laced variety.
It is good news that they can distinguish the taste and texture of natural ice cream.
Sinai is selling two flavors of ice cream. -
Egg-free and fresh
In addition, the selection of egg protein is especially suitable for children's nutrition.
With or without eggs, the price of two scoops of cream ice cream is RS.
50 or at the same price, you can use a spoonful of ice cream and an egg-free banana cake.
Or for double the price, you can enjoy two scoops of ice cream with a brownie with no eggs on it and home on it --made choco-
Cream Scotch whisky and fresh seasonal jam.
This idea comes from V. year-
The old grandson always plays with her ice cream toy van and sells vanilla ice cream only to her thaathaa even if any other flavors are requested.
The enlarged photo of the mini toy van turns into a fixed ice cream van with an iron and flexible frame and a polycarbonate roof.
The 10x10 sq ft of space creates business opportunities with a simple idea that there is no stabilizer, lotion and taste booster in the ice cream.
So much that Bhavani didn't even use vanilla essence.
"We bought special vanilla beans from Kerala, all for Rs.
25,000 per kilogram, used in ice cream.
"Customers who came to Sinnai earlier for snacks or meals are now also happy to eat healthy ice cream.
Although they enjoy a variety of traditional millet beans and hot and sour sauces, or healthy salads such as green bean sprouts, chickpeas, or a blend of Italian pizza and madulai Palo Alto, the atmosphere and service are also good.
"This is an experiential sit-in.
M. Dhinagar Vel, general manager of food innovation and MD community kitchen in India, said, "people can sit there, how long they want to sit, relax and recharge themselves.
"We changed the name to Thinnai two years ago and people started to better recognize it as one that could even walk in for a glass of water, tea or just use the toilet and go.
"There is no parking fee," he added . ".
Thinnai also allows people to eat their own food here or combine it with some of the food in the restaurant.
"Surrounded by trees, the open space for all proper health care is an inviting suspension --
Go all out, "said Neville.
Thinnai also abolished plastic bags.
The tableware and small containers used are the environment-friendly.
They use disposable cups, bowls, and plates made of sugar cane, which is a residue of fiber after extraction of sugar cane juice.
"It is our efforts to insist on the meaning of the word," Bhavani added . ".
"Thinnai is like the balcony of your own house where you can feel the hugs and warmth of the house lady who provides hot, fresh and healthy food," she said . ".
"The concept of Thinnai cannot be commercialized.
"I conceived the idea, and Bhavani and all of her women's teams are implementing and managing the idea," he said . ".
THINNAI snackingMD kitchen Society responsible (P)
River View campus across from Puliankulam village near madulai
Rameshwaram Highway, popular items: fresh healthy food and pocket friends
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