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how are these things not like the others? - clear polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
how are these things not like the others?  -  clear polycarbonate panels
The four exhibitions at the American University Museum are very different, but all involve lines.
However, the traditional pen, pencil, or wax drawing does not have any features --
There is not even the title "drawing.
Walter Kravitz, who designed the winding abstraction of gray and black, often modeled to simulate rounding and shading.
These paintings are very similar to pencil strokes, but most of them are acrylic paintings on canvas.
The artist, who teaches at George Mason University, occasionally paints ink on paper or adds a little pink.
And a 7-foot-
The high work painted on the curved transparent polycarbonate extends up to the multi-storey space.
Kravitz's vibrant paintings recall the bustling tradition of composition during the Renaissance, so this plastic panel may be an altar to the cathedral, where the shape replaces the symbol.
Guy Goldstein has line renders in the blue transcription, but they are made by a series of automated processes.
Israeli artist
Musicians use software derived from machines introduced in Russia in the 1940 s to convert pictures into sounds before converting them back.
The projection of the dynamic animation sketch, which looks a bit like the product of the Seismological instrument, is accompanied by the electronic beat generated from the original drawn "sonic code.
Goldstein, who played bass in the Tel Aviv band, edited the drawings and added blue blocks and dots to the drawing machine-
Generated numbers
But for these artworks, opportunity is as important as control, where mechanical distortion reshoots sound and vision.
Text, drawings, and images that appear to be printed are merged into V.
Memories of the past by Ramesh.
These elements only provide some layers of these rich, colorful pieces, most of which are considered oil paintings.
Wise Gunte (
Including someone who looks like Gandhi)
And supernatural creatures.
Part is human, part is Tiger)
The work of Indian artists is full of the complexity of Indian mystery.
Borrowed use, such as medical illustrations of the human heart, brings Warholian qualities to some of the paintings, but Ramesh offsets pop-
The art tactic of pious supplication: "drown my heart with your gentle kindness", and ask the words around the organs and below.
Even in the darkest and most dense times, Ramesh's paintings are looking for light.
Bruce Connor made his first film in 1958, and in the same year he began showing the mix.
Until he died at the age of 2008, he had been cutting things together.
Even though his wife is "Yes! Glue: A Half-
The collage century of Bruce and Jean Connor.
"By the way, the positive title of the show comes from the adhesive that collage lovers like. The Nebraska-
Bred Conners spent most of their lives in San Francisco, where they were linked to Beats, hippies and punk.
Bruce's works are often rough, always black and white;
Jean's is more fun and often fullcolor.
This option includes
Bruce's "bomb head" and other well-known works, in which the mushroom cloud exploded from the shirtand-tied neck.
Bruce's reliance on old copper prints has brought a pre-set to his style
Modern atmosphere while making the use of advertising and romance-
The image of the novel is more modern.
However, Kanas's collages show a similar suspicion together.
Both understand how some cuts, a little rearranging, and a little glue solve the absurdity of the world.
Walter Kravitz: Painting
Guy Goldstein: transcription of BlueV.
Ramesh: the voice of the pastand Yes! Glue: A Half-
Bruce and Jean Connor watch the collage century through May24 at the American University Museum at 4400 Massachusetts Avenue. NW. 202-885-1300. www. american. edu/museum.
Robin Croft is a steel man, but his theme is fragile.
"Nothing is taken for granted," the artist wrote his "metalwork and painting" at Charles Kraus/College of Fine Arts for reporting ".
Parts manufactured between 2004 and 2009 use worn steel, wires and other industrial materials to evoke catastrophic or secular dangers. The half-
Wiping off the "Madrid platform" means that the train exploded and the victim was a scattered nail polish jar, while fragments such as "Fragments, vendors" indicate low-wage trades.
An unbroken invention, the "permanent concept machine", is a complex interactive device that only creates ambiguity.
Recently, Croft sent a text message. heavy drawing-
According to his observation at his retirement home, he works there.
The artist imagines himself as a crew member on the ship of the Elders, an intergalactic vessel cruising from the past, an area of vivid memory until the future, which will only be forgotten.
The boredom of "assisted life" contrasts the heroic memories of residents such as the former WWII bomber navigator.
From a long drawing, the leap was "a good day for death.
In addition, there is a series of beautiful collages "tables in Mondrian" in the exhibition, inspired by neat photos of personal items by Dutch artists.
Croft replaced the items found such as tickets and candy wrappers with Mondrian's watches and glasses, but even such random arrangements reflected the desire to order in the chaos of life.
Robyn Croft watched metal products and paintings at Charles Kraus/College of Fine Arts, May 31, 1300NW. 202-638-3612. www.
Charleskrauseporting. com.
Steven Mark's Studio Gallery presents lively, vertically oriented photos that are visible in most of the images in the "subtext.
But these bold, savvy photos are not portraits.
Faces are usually partially or completely hidden, and the existence of human beings is only part of the whole painting ecology.
If people don't wear bright clothes, Mark may even give them up completely.
Under a red umbrella, one of the most prominent features is his green T-
A blue shirt.
The yellow wall behind him highlighted his shirt.
Narrow depth of field abstracts elements into pure colors, just like the blurry lime in the photo
Color foreground.
In addition to their basic qualities: green, it is not possible to identify translucent leaves that occupy most of the frames.
In the vicinity of the same gallery, the form in the tree sculpture of Chris Chernobyl is better than the color.
This program is called "Blade" and the word can refer to both thin layers and blades.
Both meanings are surrounded by carved leaves embedded on boards, lightly whitewashed to reveal the texture underneath the paint.
Including three vine trees-
Like a combination of steel rolls and bark, most of them are painted white.
These elegant sculptures combine plant templates with distinct modernism as if Le cobussier had been commissioned to redesign the tree.
Steven Mark: self-evident theme, Chris Chernobyl: the blade that was viewed at the gallery of R. st. 10. 8 studios on May 23NW. 202-232-8734. www. Studiogallerydc. com.
Jenkins is a freelance writer.
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