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how black boxes work - mylar tape

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
how black boxes work  -  mylar tape
The black box began to be widely used. the aerial recorder was not used until later.
World War II.
Since then, the recording medium of the black box has been developed in order to record more information about the operation of the aircraft.
The old black box uses tape, the first technology introduced in the 1960 s.
The tape works like any tape recorder.
The Mela tape runs through an EMC head and leaves a little bit of data on the tape.
Today, black boxes use solids
The status memory card that appeared in the 1990 s. Solid-
National recorders are considered more reliable than their magnetic properties
Tape peers.
The SSD uses a stacked array of storage chips, so there are no moving parts.
Because there are no moving parts, there are fewer maintenance problems, and the possibility of failure during the collision is also smaller.
Both CVR and FDR data are stored on stacked memory cards inside the crash
Survival memory unit (CSMU).
The memory card has enough digital storage space to accommodate two hours of CVRs audio data and 25 hours of FDRs flight data.
The aircraft is equipped with sensors to collect data such as acceleration, wind speed, height, flap settings, external temperature, engine performance, and cabin temperature and pressure. Magnetic-
The recorder can track about 100 parameters while solid-
State recorders can track more.
In the Boeing 787, for example, these devices can record up to 146,000 parameters, resulting in several megabytes of data for each flight.
The incredible amount of data is double. edge sword;
This is great for monitoring the aircraft, but it will leave engineers and maintenance personnel at a loss.
To manage all this data, they need complex data management software.
Whether the system is old or completely modern, all data collected by aircraft sensors are sent to the flight
Data acquisition unit (FDAU)
At the front of the plane.
This device often appears in the electronic equipment cabin under the cockpit. The flight-
The data acquisition unit is the middle manager of the entire data --
Recording process.
It takes information from the sensor and sends it to the black box.
Both black boxes are powered by one of the two generators, which draw power from the aircraft's engines.
A generator is 28-
Volt DC power supply, the other is 115-volt, 400-hertz (Hz)
AC power supply.
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