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how does a 2-year-old wear glasses? (not) very carefully. - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-23
how does a 2-year-old wear glasses? (not) very carefully.  -  polycarbonate lenses
At first my husband and I ignored this and it was too subtle.
My 2-year-old son Jordan crossed his eyes while watching TV or staring at something opposite the room.
But when this intersection became difficult to ignore, we took him to his doctor, who recommended a pediatric eye doctor.
I never thought there was any problem with Jordan's vision.
I think his eyes will grow.
But when the eye doctor told me that he needed glasses and that he might always need them due to severe astigmatism and myopia, I sat there with a dull seat.
She suggested patching his right eye because the vision on the left was weak but I barely noticed it.
I imagined him wearing glasses and the people in the grocery store were staring at him.
I saw the children make fun of him at the daycare center. I fast-
He was forwarded to him in kindergarten and saw his classmates calling him "four eyes ".
Jordan has almost just learned to walk and talk. how can he run around with glasses every day?
Glasses are so adult.
Will he continue?
How thick will they be?
I can't help but wonder what my family and friends will say when Jordan walks into a birthday party or plays on a date, he has a pair of glasses on his nose and a patch pirate on his right eye.
A week later, my husband and I decided to hear a second opinion.
I'm sure eye doctor B will counter everything eye doctor A says.
But he did not.
He said the same thing.
On my way home, I cried in my car.
I called my best friend later that day and was still crying.
Jordan was not ill, she said.
All he needs is glasses.
I haven't stopped at one time since we met the first doctor to think about what Jordan needs.
I am so immersed in my own worries and self.
This is not about me.
It's about being able to see my child correctly.
So we went to buy glasses.
The first few months were definitely a challenge.
We bought Jordan a pair of strong glasses with a polyester lens.
Not as thick as I thought)
Soft frame hooked around his little ears.
He looks cute but it's hard to keep it clean
Rich fingerprints)
Let them continue.
We even wore a pair of reading glasses around him, but as soon as Jordan had a chance to brush his glasses off or throw them out like a Frisbee.
Once I walked into his room and found him wearing glasses around his waist like a belt.
We seem to repair his glasses at the optician every week.
Thank God our insurance covers the cost of repairs.
To the point where the people who work there know Jordan for the first time. name basis.
They will see us coming in from the door, laughing and shaking our heads.
A few years later, when my son brane appeared, he immediately became interested in Jordan's glasses, often taking them off Jordan's face or trying to put them on himself.
In their rough incident, Jordan's glasses were knocked out and stepped on.
Back to the optician we went.
Jordan, 8, has been wearing his first pair of glasses for more than six years and has replaced many.
He has been involved in sports and he knows to put on his prescription goggles before practice and competition.
Because of early glasses and a few hours of eye masks a day, Jordan's vision improved, but he still needed glasses.
Do you know?
I can't even imagine his handsome face without them.
Now I see a lot of kids. and babies)with glasses.
I saw them at the mall, at the Jordan School, and even at a recent family picnic. (
According to American National Health Research Institute 2011 of study about 4% of preschool children myopia 21% of children myopia 10% of children have astigmatism. )
In the past June, after a year of no trip to the repair shop, Jordan came down from the school bus with only one lens in his glasses.
But he knows to put the falling footage in his pocket before he gets home.
He walked a long way. So have I.
A few weeks ago, I asked Jordan how he would feel if he lost his glasses.
I would be nervous without them and don't want to go out in public.
They are part of me.
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