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how does "bulletproof" glass work? - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
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At first glance, the bullet
The resistant glass looks the same as the normal glass panel, but the similarities are here.
An ordinary glass was broken by a bullet.
Depending on the thickness of the glass and the weapons fired, the bullet-proof glass is designed to withstand one or several rounds of bullets.
So, what makes the bullet
The ability to resist glass bullets?
Different manufacturers make different bullets.
Resistant to glass, but it is basically made by layering between ordinary glass pieces a process called lamination.
This process creates a glass.
Like material thicker than ordinary glass.
It's a tough, transparent plastic. -
It is usually well known by the brand Lexan, Tuffak or Cyrolon. Bullet-
The thickness of the glass is between 7 and 75.
A bullet shoots a bullet.
The glass-resistant will pierce the outer layer of the glass, but the layered polycarbonate-
The glass material is able to absorb the energy of the bullet and stop it before it leaves the last layer.
The ability of bullets-
The resistant glass to stop the bullet is determined by the thickness of the glass.
The rifle bullet collides much more with the glass than the pistol bullet, so the thicker bullet-
Blocking rifle bullets requires resistant glass compared to pistol bullets.
And one more-way bullet-
There is anti-Glass, one side can block the bullet, the other side can let the bullet through without affecting.
This gives the ability of a hit person to fight back.
This type of bullet
The glass resistance is made by laminated brittle materials with flexible materials.
Imagine a car with this. way bullet-Resistant to glass.
If someone outside the car shoots at the window, the bullet hits the vulnerable side first.
This fragile material will break near the impact point and absorb some energy on a large area.
The flexible material then absorbs the remaining energy of the bullet and prevents the bullet.
Bullets fired from the inside of the same car can easily pass through the glass because the force of the bullet is concentrated in a small area, which causes the material to bend.
This causes the brittle material to break outward, allowing the bullet to pierce the flexible material and hit the target.
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