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How Indian Army's initiative helps Ladakh's farmers - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
How Indian Army\'s initiative helps Ladakh\'s farmers  -  polycarbonate
An army-
Two years ago, Mayank aggarwalo discovered that led initiative brought prosperity to small farmers in Ladakh while ensuring stable fresh food for troops stationed at the Siachen Glacier, 38year-old Palmo.
Residents of Partapur, a remote village in Ladakh, 11,000 feet above sea level and about 150 km away from Siachin Glacier base camp, used to make almost no living from her fields.
It is difficult for her to send her children to school.
Now her income is about two thousand. Rs 300 per day.
Thanks to the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) Institute of High Altitude Research and Defense (DIHAR ), the institute has helped parmo and Kargil's Partapur and Turtuk of nearly 20,000 small farmers in Ladakh, like her, adopt advanced farming techniques such as ditch cultivation and polycarbonate greenhouses, to increase crop production.
So these farmers can nowmonth-
Long winter when the temperature drops
30 degrees Celsius, the land is buried under the knee
A lot of snow.
Dihar's technology even allowed the farmers to carry poultry, making it possible to hatch eggs during the winter.
Dihar was founded in 1962 and is the result of Nehru's painstaking efforts.
The purpose is to carry out "agriculture"
Animal activity in cold and high altitude areas of Ladakh to increase the supply of fresh foode.
Provide our troops with vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, eggs and Medicinal and Aromatic Plants "through local farmers ".
DIHAR conducts research to increase the productivity of vegetable planting, processing and preservation of vegetables and perishable foods, and the use of biodegradable waste for energy production;
Conservation and upgrading of local animal populations.
"More than a year and a half ago, I started to accept the help of dihar.
Now my life has completely changed . "
"I only grew potatoes and some other vegetables earlier.
I now grow peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, onions and other vegetables.
"Palmo also sells eggs and chicken at the poultry farm of the farmers' cooperative
A cooperative that has signed supply contracts with the army.
"As a result, my income has increased from Rs 700 per day to RS 2,300.
I also got an animal feed allowance from DIHAR.
"Parmo's neighbor in the same village, 35-year-
Old Sonam Dorjee received help from DIHAR
Feed her cattle with their excellent cattle.
"My cow is now more adaptable to disease and weather, giving 35-
"40 liters of milk a day," said Doji . ".
"My income has doubled and I have the ability to send my children to school.
I am now seeking help to increase my livestock.
"The project has not only helped local farmers, but has proved to be a boon for troops stationed at the border, especially at the sichin Glacier, the world's highest battlefield.
More than half of the required fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, meat and poultry were purchased from farmers in Ladakh, in quantities amounting to thousands of tons.
Earlier, rations had to be flown by air from Chandigarh and then landed in sichin by helicopter.
"We are doing our best to meet the food and energy needs of our troops in Ladakh.
"Last year, we planted 101 kinds of vegetables in Leh one season, a record," said RB Srivastava, director of DIHAR . ".
"Since local farmers adopted dihar's technology, the army's supply of vegetables in Ladakh has increased from less than 10 varieties to at least 28.
"Colonel SS Bisht of the Siachen brigade said that given the harsh conditions of the glacier, it is important for soldiers on the glacier to take in fresh food.
"So dihar is helping the soldiers bring fresh food, and they only got canned food earlier," said Colonel Bisht . ".
Ditch cultivation, small underground, three-
During the day, the greenhouse deep in the foot is covered with transparent UV-stable white polyethylene film for maximum solar energy.
In the evening, to minimize heat loss, the trench is covered with another layer of black polyethylene.
The average temperature inside the trench is much higher than outside. It is a low-
Cost solutions for greenhouse agriculture.
These are ground greenhouses made of polycarbonate tablets.
Single, double or triple.
Polycarbonate boards are effective because they can successfully capture heat even in extreme conditions and are durable.
Inside the greenhouse, proper cultivation conditions are maintained using tools such as moisture controllers, temperature controllers, etc.
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