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how mary austin was the woman who none of freddie mercury’s male lovers could match and remained loyal to him to the end - transparent plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-11
how mary austin was the woman who none of freddie mercury’s male lovers could match and remained loyal to him to the end  -  transparent plastic sheet
Their love story is the most unusual in pop music.
On the one hand, wild singer Freddy Mercury from the Queen once boasted: "I will sleep with anything --
A man, a woman, or a cat ".
On the other hand, speak softly and work-
Class girl raised by deaf parents Mary Austin
Standing by him faithfully until eventually Mary returns to the spotlight this week, Brian May will never be released --seen-
Before the Queen toured 1970 and 1980, including a photo of Freddie sitting next to her on the band's private plane.
Now, the first movie about the singer's incredible life, Bohemian Rhapsody, will inject new light into his little-known romantic relationship with Mary, he still lives in a mansion in the West End of London today and died of AIDS.
Related diseases 1991
Long Trailer-
The long-awaited film was released, and it was accused that Freddy was often shown to him with a young blonde, which "directly" his life.
In fact, his love for Mary is very real.
Some people believe that she did not hide his homosexuality from the public there.
Freddy not only proposed to her, but also left her half of his £ 75 million legacy, including Kensington's Georgian mansion, worth £ 25 million.
Although they did split up because of his desire for cocaine
They have more intimate sex with young men.
He once said: "All my loved ones ask me why they can't replace Mary, but it's impossible at all.
My only friend is Mary. I don't want anyone else.
She's a regular to me. law wife.
It was a marriage for me.
"We believe in each other.
This is enough for me.
I can't fall in love with a man like Mary. ”The 67-year-
The old man now lives behind the high walls of the home's spires, where fans still make regular pilgrimage.
The neighbor told The Sun that he rarely saw Mary.
He said: "I have seen her twice in the past four years.
She drove an old Mercedes and was alone.
A few years ago, Mary was upset that some of Freddy's fans scrubbed graffiti from the wall and put transparent plastic sheets to prevent more graffiti.
But the gorgeous 28-
The room palace has basically not changed since the Freddy era.
When she did interior design for him and chose Louis XV furniture, there was no reason to change anything.
While she is not involved in making a new movie that will be released in the cinema next month, she is said to have approved it.
Produced by Brian May and band teammate Roger Taylor, Lucy Boynton plays Mary and robot actor, Mr. Lamy Maliktoothed singer.
While working on the project, Lucy and Lamy started their own romance, which has taken nearly a decade to get stuck with the development delay. X-
Male director Brian Singh was fired as the filming drew to a close, and Dexter Fletcher of Lockstock had to finish the film.
It's worth noting that Freddie's incredible story took so long to appear on the big screen.
The band's record company refused to release the Bohemian Rhapsody because it had nearly six minutes, but Freddy persisted and kept the lead for nine weeks on the charts
His relationship with Mary was also not normal. Mary's father repaired the wallpaper and her mother was a domestic servant. Zanzibar-
Freddie was born in the UK, formerly known as mehch bousalah, and met Mary in 1969 five years after moving to the UK.
He just finished the art school at the age of 24, 19year-
When they fell in love, old Mary was working in a fashion boutique in West London.
Soon they shared a narrow apartment near Kensington Market, where Freddie and Queen drummer Roger Taylor opened a clothing store.
Mary's feelings had to contend with Freddy's determination to become a rock singer.
For a while, he moved to Liverpool without her, joined a band called Ibex and later toured with the Queen.
When Freddie was camping on and off the stage, dressed in outrageous clothes and holding her head up dramatically, Mary's appearance meant that his sexual orientation had not been questioned.
Giving her the song "Love" in my life seems to prove enough, especially when he is firmly avoiding the issue in the interview.
When the Queen released their debut album in 1973, he even made suggestions.
When Mary found a jade ring in a series of boxes, she said, "I'm speechless.
I remember thinking, 'I don't understand what's going on '.
This is not what I expected at all.
"However, they will never be more than engaged, and Freddy ignores her hints when they pass through a wedding dress shop.
Initial loyalty, height
Sexy singers can't ignore his appeal to men and start sleeping behind their backs.
Her doubts increased, but she did not have the courage to face him.
Fortunately, Freddy admitted in 1976 that he was "bisexual" when he was an international star.
Mary once said, "I will never forget that moment.
I remember saying to him, "No, Freddy, I don't think you're bisexual.
I think you're gay.
After that, she moved into a nearby apartment and Freddy used a steady stream of men.
His sex party is notorious, the male group is walking around, and only the female hats cover their modesty, or cover the nude models with chopped raw liver.
By that time, Freddy had been smoking a lot of cocaine, drinking a few bottles of vodka a day, and was in a strong mood.
Mary has been very close to working in his management company.
It is said that once she asked Freddy to give her a child, but he told her: "I still love you, but I can't have sex with you.
This reluctance is likely to save her life because he was already infected with HIV by then.
Freddy provided accommodation for hundreds of people when AIDS was unknown.
When he was diagnosed in 1987, there was no treatment.
Realizing that his days were running out, he signed a will on September 1991, handing over half of his wealth to Mary, and the rest to his parents and sister.
Many of his friends, including lover Jim Hutton, receive £ 500,000 per person or a house.
In November of that year, when the great showman slipped away, Mary was by his side, holding his hand and telling him how much she loved him.
Seeing that he was too weak to answer, she fled the bedroom in tears.
After his death, Mary fulfilled his desire to secretly scatter his ashes at the age of 45.
There are a lot of rumors about where she took the urn from.
Including the Kensall Green Cemetery, where there is a plaque with his real name and the cherry tree in his garden --
But she failed to live up to his trust.
Mary never found the love she endured like they did, she chose not to marry painter Pierce Cameron, her two children, Jamie and Richard's father, and divorced her husband, Nick Horford.
As she later explained: "I lost my family when Freddie died.
He is everything to me except my son.
He's like someone I haven't seen before.
"Bohemian fantasy" was released in the cinema on October 24.
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