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how nascar safety works - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
how nascar safety works  -  polycarbonate material
Windshield and tank windshield on NASCAR racing is made from Lexan, the same polycarbonate material used on fighter jetsplane canopies.
The material is very strong but also very soft.
This softness is actually the power of it.
When an object touches the Lexan windshield, it does not break it.
Instead, the object scratches, dents, or dents on the windshield.
The windshield is usually made up of three relatively flat Lexan.
Each piece is supported by a frame built into the roll cage ---
This gives the windshield the strength to resist large objects.
The disadvantage of Lexan windshield is that it is easy to scratch-
You can catch one with your nails.
Due to scratches on the sand and other sand on the runway, the bare Lexan windshield must be replaced after each race.
However, instead of replacing them, the NASCAR team painted a harder, clearer adhesive film on the windshield than Lexan.
After each match, the movie can be stripped and replaced to keep Lexan from scratch.
Some teams applied several layers of the film during the competition and removed one layer at a time.
In the 1950 s, NASCAR Racing used the fuel tank of any street car they were based on.
There are some plans to reinforce the wood, but leaks and fires are common. Today's 22-
The gallon fuel tank, also known as the fuel cell, has been built-
In safety functions, limit the possibility of them breaking or exploding.
The fuel cell has a steel outer layer and a hard plastic outer layer.
The fuel cell is located at the rear of the car and is secured in place by four brackets to prevent looseness in the accident.
It is full of foam, reducing the possibility of fuel shaking and explosion by reducing the amount of air in the battery.
If the battery is lit inside, the foam absorbs the explosion.
If the engine is separated from the car, the car also has a check valve to turn off the fuel.
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