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how safe is infant formula? - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
how safe is infant formula?  -  pet manufacturing process
Chinese babies are clearly at risk of contaminated baby formula.
More than 54,000 children are ill in the country, and at least four have died in recent weeks after drinking contaminated dairy products.
But despite the recent pollution of other Chinese products consumed by Americans, these products pose a threat to American children and infants. S.
Looks small.
The relevant Chinese formula is contaminated with melamine, a high nitrogen chemical powder used to make fertilizers and durable plastics, including unbreakable tableware known as melamine.
The investigation in China is still ongoing, but there is evidence that melamine was deliberately added in laboratory tests to increase the apparent protein content of dairy products used to make formula milk powder.
This compound can lead to kidney failure if ingested in large quantities.
More contaminated products appeared outside mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau last week, raising concerns about how far contaminated products could spread.
The network of international food safety management agencies under the WHO is working to track exports of suspicious products and inform recipient countries.
Americans who depend on the United StatesS. -
Don't worry about making formulas.
Although pet food and toothpaste made in China and sold to Americans have been found to be contaminated, formula milk powder purchased by American consumers is subject to stricter regulation in the United States. S.
The Food and Drug Administration is better than those products.
Earlier this month, the FDA issued an announcement saying that infant formula milk powder sold in the United StatesS. is safe.
Big names like Similac and Enfamil are all made here and they have met FDA standards for getting into their stuff and how to make them.
In addition, FDA spokesman Judy Leon said that in response to the situation in China, the FDA has checked where the recipe manufacturer obtained the ingredients, but no ingredients from China have been found.
Five companies are allowed to sell milk-
Basic formula products in the United StatesS. All of them are American. S. -based.
In addition to the nutritional ingredients of infant formula, the FDA also regulates the production process and records-
Kept by the company.
The FDA also conducts annual facility inspections and product analysis.
This is not to say that consumers cannot get contaminated formula.
Federal officials remain concerned about imported formula that does not comply with FDA regulations.
Technically, it is illegal to sell Chinese formula milk powder in the United States. S.
But that doesn't mean it's impossible.
Investigation found a can of Chinese
The baby formula was manufactured in 2004, but the focus was on low protein content, not pollution. --
S. Food and Drug Administration has sent investigators this month to look for Asian markets
Produce baby formula in small specialty stores to cater to the needs of Asian Americans.
"The FDA has a national field team of inspectors.
In this case, we will also contact local and national officials . "
The officials included inspectors from the Los Angeles County Department of Health and the California Department of Public Health.
Earlier this month, field inspectors in Los Angeles County began visiting the Asian market.
According to Jesus Urrutia, head of the Ministry of Health's environmental health program food and milk program, no Chinese infant formula milk powder was found, whether on shelves or in storage, who supervised the investigation of L. A. County.
The initial field survey included 15 stores, and the owners of all but one were aware of the risk of contamination.
Now Urrutia has added Chinese baby formula to the list of items to be inspected by County environmental health inspectors who monitor the hygiene, food in food markets, warehouses and restaurants
Procedures, etc.
This will effectively expand the search-
Inspection of food agencies at least annually-
And keep it going over time.
San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as New York City, ranked number one in a dozen areas where the FDA urged storesby-
According to their large population of Asia, shops check.
So far, more than 1,000 stores have been canvassed across the country, no Chinese
The baby formula has been found, Leon said.
Consumers who purchase formula online may also be at risk if they do not comply with U. S. regulationsS. companies.
Leon says her office is filled with emails.
Emails and phone calls from consumers
"We have to let people know that don't worry unless there is Chinese text on it.
If it's Similac [
Or similar, you're fine.
"In the latest consultation on melamine contamination, the FDA also warned against buying other products that may contain milk imported from China, such as sweets, desserts and beverages.
Melamine has also been found in frozen yogurt desserts and canned coffee drinks made in China, but so far only in countries outside the United StatesS.
According to WHO
The FDA's Leon recommends not to eat if it is made in China and contains dairy products.
"This is the safest position people can take now.
No one knows how far this will go.
"Dairy products can take a variety of forms, including milk protein concentrate, skim milk powder, whey powder, lactose powder and butternut.
"This is not what we usually think of milk ---
Fresh milk.
"This is a derivative product and powder that can be reassembled as a dairy product," she said . ".
The FDA continues to expand its investigation.
Not only did the agency warn Chinese food that might contain milk, it also checked a large number of milk derivatives entering the United StatesS.
Not only from ports in China-
It is usually a milk powder product, which is used to make other things, such as baking mixture or coffee cream, in addition to the formula.
This is an additional precaution and no contamination has been found so far. --health@latimes. com--(
Start text of the infobox)
Check the label when purchasing infant formula.
The Food and Drug Administration says there is no need to worry unless there are Chinese characters on the product packaging.
* Check other food imported from China.
When reading the label, look for words such as lactose, butternut, whey, or milk protein concentrate.
* Check the FDA website for consultation updates (www. fda.
Gov/opacom/7 alert. HTML).
* If you think your child may have taken milk products
Derivative ingredients from China, talk to your doctor about assessing his or her kidney function.
Contaminated formula causes kidney stones and kidney failure.
Signs of kidney problems include abdominal pain, blood in the urine, or very littleto-no urine --
All symptoms that need timely attention-
But Stones can also be formed without symptoms. --Jill U.
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