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how the aston martin rapide works - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
how the aston martin rapide works  -  polycarbonate material
Although Rapide is a new type of luxury sofa
That doesn't mean Aston Martin sacrificed any comfort inside.
Traditional sports car, two
But they still have four seats. -
There are two seats in the front and two seats in the back.
However, the space is still very tight due to the length and overall proportion of the car affecting its performance.
The shorter the length, the shorter the distance the air moves at the top of the car, which means the car will be able to run faster and more efficiently.
Since the developers adjusted the horsepower of the Rapide engine after stretching their bodies, they could add two more doors to keep the back seat spacious and comfortable.
The end result is a coupe that can travel at high speed on a variety of terrain, and still makes the journey look like it's on a comfortable city luxury car.
Rapide's leather seat is made of a special skin called shagreen, which is made from the skin of a shark or rays fish.
Passengers do not have to sit in a smooth seat to enjoy the journey ---
Many of the controls that drivers can use are also in front of other seats.
A satellite navigation system with handheld devices
Everyone in Rapide can use Bluetooth technology and eventually age-
"Are we here ? " Old question. " to rest.
The DVD screen is installed on the back of both front seat headrests, as well as personal audio and environmental system controls.
Again, this should keep the problem of duplication to a minimum.
Rapide's skylight opens the interior even more because it is made of transparent polycarbonate material that extends the length of all four seats.
To get rid of all this extra stuff, the trunk--
Or start, because of the British ~-
In the concept of Rapide, there is a perfect picnic device, a refrigerator for a bottle of champagne and four glasses.
It looks like the automaker is pulling in two different directions ---
Design for a small space
In Europe, efficient products such as smart cars and smart cars are becoming more and more popular, and luxury car companies see how much they can go.
Aston Martin is not the only brand with a longer concept as Rapide is competing with larger models such as Mercedes-Benz CLS and Porsche Panamera.
Even the designers of the new MINI Cooper have introduced a traditional small model ---
Its name appears to appear on the word "coupe.
"No matter what direction Aston Martin has taken recently, it seems to have lifted the company out of another fear that Rapide may be able to help them more.
The company plans to produce 1,000 to 2,000 rapide each year and increase its total annual output to about 7,000--
Much better than Lagonda Rapide in the 1960 s.
More information about Aston Martin and other cars-
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