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how to bend & cut lexan - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
how to bend & cut lexan  -  polycarbonate
Lexan is a kind of polyester plastic.
It is similar to glass, but stronger and lighter.
Lexan is usually used as a window and bulletproof glass for restaurants.
It is actually unbreakable.
Lexan is also very flexible and can fix broken windows instead of glass.
This type of polycarbonate can also be cut and bent according to the size.
Cutting Lexan takes only a few minutes, and bending Lexan is a job that can be done in a few simple instructions.
Measure and Mark Lexan at the cutting position.
Place a masking tape at the cutting line.
This will prevent debris when cutting.
Tape throughout the work. Line up a T-
Draw a square on the concealer and a straight line with a black mark on the concealer.
Place a tool knife along the black mark at both ends of Lexan.
Press hard down, follow T-
The square at the mark.
Score four to six times in Lexan until the blade starts to enter the center.
Grab Lexan with one hand on each side of the cutting line, then snap with two hands.
Peel off the plastic on both sides and remove the masking tape.
Polish down the edge with medium sand
Grade sandpaper on smooth and even edges.
Peel off the plastic from both sides of Lexan.
Place a piece of Lexan on a flat table and mark the desired bending position in black.
Slide Lexan to make it bend to the edge of the table.
Place a hot gun above Lexan, about 2-
3 inch from the surface.
Tighten Lexan with a clip so it can be fixed on the table.
Turn on the hot gun and move it along the Lexan side to the other side.
Move it a little closer, but don't run into Lexan, and don't stay in one place for too long, otherwise it will burn out Lexan.
When Lexan starts to sag on the edge of the table, bend it to the right form.
Continue to move the hot gun from one side to the other, press Lexan carefully until it bends to the right shape.
Turn off the hot gun and blow a fan on Lexan to help cool it.
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