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how to choose the right carpet for you! - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
how to choose the right carpet for you!  -  characteristics of polyester
As we all know, there are many things to talk about when it comes to carpets: Use, fiber, style and patterns, etc.
We use carpets everywhere we live and work.
You will find it in most families, from the most basic cottage to the charming house that is usually used to entertain many guests.
You can also see the whole high carpet.
Building, Conference Center, airport and other large commercial facilities.
This article will focus on residential carpets.
Business application is an independent story.
The carpet brings quiet and warmth to any environment.
Because it is an absorbing fabric, the carpet reduces the sound level and makes the noisy room quieter.
The carpet also played a role in thermal insulation.
It helps to keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
So it's good to have a carpet floor in any climate.
Many people like to shop carpets at home.
Others only want carpets in specific rooms like bedrooms or study rooms.
It's just a simple choice.
There is no correct or wrong answer when deciding where to install the carpet.
Once you decide to buy a new carpet, the first thing I suggest you do is to make a budget.
You should realize that carpets are advertising like other items.
The price you see in the ad is usually the cheapest and the lowest quality carpet.
This may be a good thing for the guest room, but definitely won't stick with it in the family room.
A lot of carpets are good. better-best qualities.
A style may have different weight or quality.
This way, you can install the same color and pattern in different weights throughout the home, depending on the traffic received in each area.
In general, you will save money.
You can put the heaviest quality (best)
In the stairs and in the family room.
Medium quality (better)
Access to the hallway, living room and dining room.
You can put the lightest quality (good)
In the bedroom.
It all looks the same in one person's opinion, but every area of your home has a "proper" carpet.
So take your time.
Get familiar with how local floor retailers advertise their goods.
Ask your friends if they have experience working with one retailer or another.
You will also find that prices may be the best in spring and fall.
The second thing most people decide about is the overall color scheme of the carpet. Green? Blue? Beige?
When you consider that something on the floor affects other color choices for the room or for the whole family, the color is important. .
It's like choosing the right clothes when you go out.
Accessories follow-up-
They are the accent part that draws attention to your dress.
The next thing to consider is fiber.
You will find that everyone, including me, has their own opinion on which fiber is the "best.
Every salesperson or designer will tell you something different.
It can become very confusing.
The carpet is made of four main fibers: wool, nylon, polyester and a new polyester variant called Triexa (
Brands such as the industry of SmartStrand Mohawk). (
Kenma is a plant fiber that is used mainly to decorate carpets or special carpets.
It's not "universal" fiber, it's the subject of another article. )
Have advantages and disadvantages.
Choosing the right color is a personal decision.
There is no right or wrong.
Choosing the right fiber type for your home and lifestyle will determine the performance you get from your new carpet.
Wool is the only natural fiber used in carpets today and has been used in carpets for centuries.
Sheep with wool for carpet fiber are special varieties.
Their wool properties are different from those used in clothing.
Wool is scarce and therefore expensive.
Many retailers do not display samples of wool carpets because it is beyond the budget of many.
It is common for wool to mix with other fibers such as nylon or acrylic.
In this case, there are still some features of the wool carpet, but the cost is relatively low.
Soft and luxurious wool.
It was well dressed and clean.
Its fiber structure masks the dirt.
It has a variety of styles and colors. It is hypo-allergenic.
This is the fiber compared to all other fibers.
However, wool is easy to stain in addition to the cost.
In addition, it must also be heavier in weight compared to synthetic fibers in order to wear evenly.
Nylon chemists have been preparing synthetic carpet fibers from oil for decades.
Some of these synthetic materials do not work well.
Nylon is the first synthetic carpet fiber to be commercially successful.
It is very well dressed.
But there were also serious stains on the earlier nylon fibers.
It took years for chemists to study how to make nylon fibers more stain-resistant.
Stainless master brand nylon entered the market in the late 80 years, changing the carpet industry.
All of a sudden, you can place light-colored carpets in frequently used rooms and maintain it more easily.
Today, almost all synthetic fibers are stain-resistant. (
Note: None of these fibers claim to be dirty resistant).
The trend is super soft fiber.
In addition to stain resistance, nylon fiber holds the largest market share among men for other reasonsmade fibers.
Nylon carpets come in a variety of colors and styles.
Very flexible.
This means that the fiber "bounces" when you walk on it ". Nylon is tough-it wears well.
In addition to resisting stains, it can also be cleaned easily.
Its static level is very low.
You can use it anywhere in any type of home and home-
Low flow room, high flow area, economy house, luxury house.
Polyester Fiber (PET)
There is a great "green" story.
Most of the polyester fibers used on the carpet are made from recycled bottles.
In fact, billions of bottles are transferred from landfill sites every year, melting and turning into carpet fibers!
Polyester fibers are dyed while still in a melting state.
This process is called solution dyeing, putting the color into the molecular structure of the fiber.
Even in strong sunlight, the fibers dyed by the solution are very colored.
This fiber is very stain-resistant to almost all home spills.
It's clean, too. Static is non-existent.
Generally speaking, polyester carpet is cheaper than nylon carpet.
There are several disadvantages to polyester carpet fiber.
It has no toughness like nylon.
Once severely crushed, it won't "bounce" like nylon ".
It is much more difficult to remove furniture marks.
The polyester carpet, like the nylon carpet, must be made with a heavier weight.
While water-based spills are correct, oil-based spills are more difficult to remove.
Oil spills tend to occur again and may take several times
Clean the leak thoroughly.
TRIEXA this fiber took nearly 20 years to develop specifically as carpet fiber.
Although related to polyester fiber, the Federal Trade Commission recognized it as a unique fiber in 2009.
Mohawk market under SmartStrand brand Triexa fiber.
Triexa fiber has become very popular in the past few years.
Very resistant to stains and fading. It cleans well.
It is available in a variety of colors and styles.
It is as elastic as nylon fiber, but the price is usually low.
It does have affinity for oil spills.
These leaks tend to lead to Wick and re-
If it is not cleaned carefully, it will appear.
All of these fibers are guaranteed for wear and stains.
But you can read-and understand-the fine print.
You must understand what is covered and what is excluded.
Each fiber and carpet of each brand has a different warranty.
Don't think your new carpet warranty is all inclusive.
Otherwise, you may get a nasty surprise when the problem comes up.
One more thing to consider: installation.
This is a separate topic.
However, it is important to realize that a bad installation will make the best carpet unusable.
Get detailed information about carpet installation before paying for carpet.
Don't let the installation be an afterthought.
Once you do your homework, make the final choice, install the carpet and sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
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