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how to cut or drill polycarbonate plastic - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
how to cut or drill polycarbonate plastic  -  polycarbonate
First developed polyester plastic in 1953.
Today, polycarbonate plastic has many applications due to its high strength and flame
Flame retardant properties.
Bullet-proof windows are commonly used as safety devices for banks and shops and are made of polycarbonate materials.
Polycarbonate is an expensive manufacturing material with high production costs.
Learn the right way to cut and drill the polycarbonate plastic to minimize the cost of wasted materials.
Install carbide saw blades with 60 to 80 carbide
Saw with sharp teeth.
The panel saw provides the best cut on polycarbonate plastic less than 0.
Thickness 018 inch
If the plastic exceeds 0, the cutting effect of the table saw is the best.
Thickness 018 inch
Make sure there are no shards on the desktop.
Debris can scratch the polycarbonate sheet as the sheet goes through the blade.
Set the height of the saw blade to 3/8 above the surface of the cut sheet.
This setting minimizes the cutting of the chip.
Insert height of correct size
Put the drill bit into the drill chuck.
Select the drill bit that matches the size hole to be drilled.
Adjust the speed of the drill press to between 350 rpm and 1750 rpm.
Adjust the speed according to your drill operator manual.
Maintain sufficient drilling feed pressure to form a continuous spiral-shaped chip.
This chip is formed when the drill bit passes through the polyester material.
If the drill bit becomes hot enough to melt instead of cutting polycarbonate, use air or water as a coolant.
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