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how to get a high-end interior decor look with low-cost look-alikes - polyethylene terephthalate properties

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
how to get a high-end interior decor look with low-cost look-alikes  -  polyethylene terephthalate properties
Houzz contribuaniik is a contributor to Houzz. The vast majority of customers are looking for ways to get everything they want when decorating without having to spend too much money.
Designers always have to implement creative ideas, research new materials to achieve a luxurious, complete look without destroying the bank.
Thanks to today's technology, we see an amazing completion of imitating real things without the associated costs.
Continue to read some insider knowledge that will bring you closer to your design aesthetics in your home --Friendly budget. Cabinets.
Paint finish is one of the most expensive options for cabinets.
It's a big Labor for your mill workers who have to paint, dry and polish the cabinets a few times.
So how do you get a white or colored cabinet if you don't want to pay for the paint?
You may want to consider the end of a pet.
Pet is a high gloss or matte resin.
It is similar to paint and has a variety of colors to choose from and is very durable.
A similar option is hot foil.
This is a plastic material that is heated and formed on engineered wood to replicate the outline of the wood cabinet.
The advantage of using hot foil is that you can reproduce the Shaker-style cabinets.
Vinyl and laminate flooring.
Today, many great vinyls and laminated products are so realistic that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from real wood --
Plus their cost.
Efficient and durable.
Try to find something that follows a grain image or has a texture with a belt-sawn effect.
Several products on the market provide a choice of texture.
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Tiles can be expensive due to labor factors.
If you like the look but don't necessarily need the waterproof properties of the tiles, consider using vinyl or laminate as a cheaper option. Butcher block.
You can find the cost
Effective butcher blocks in various large design shops these days.
Butcher block is a great way to add characters to space with solid wood counters or desktops, but it has to be maintained, so keep this in mind when choosing this material. Painted Windows
There is nothing more life for your space than fresh paint coating.
But if you can't afford to change the window, have you ever thought about painting the window?
You can paint wood and vinyl (
Inside and outside)
You can achieve an updated look without spending on a new window.
You will be surprised how this changed a room. Painted stairs.
In order to avoid the cost of replacing the stairs, consider painting it.
A fresh coat can make the most worn out clothes
The stairs look new.
Just make sure they are not too slippery and use runners to hide the defects and provide additional security.
Electric fireplace.
This is another product, and there is a big gap with the past.
In fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between electric and gas fireplaces.
Choosing electric power can save you $5,000 as all you need is one plug.
No code requirements, no gas line, no chimney, better for the environment.
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Format of tiles.
Marble slabs are probably the most luxurious-and costly —
Finish outside.
With today's technology, you can buy 5-by-10-
It looks exactly like the most expensive marble and quarries foot tiles, and the price is about half the price.
The tiles have multiple prints, so it looks natural when installed.
Tiles are not cheap, but when you compare them to the price of the actual marble and the cost of building a space that can hold the weight of the real stone, they are cost-effective. Melamine.
Can you tell me that this wood product is not actually made of dark, rich wood?
It is made of melamine.
It's almost impossible to decipher a good one today.
High quality texture melamine from actual wood.
The technology is already very different from 30-plus years ago.
The price of melamine is about half the price of wood.
Wallpaper as art.
Let's face it. art can be expensive, especially if you're looking for a big piece.
If the purchase of artwork is not within the budget, you may consider using a beautiful piece of wallpaper.
You don't need to splurge to get the same impact.
In fact, most wallpaper designs are still created by artists.
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