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how to make a costume of a photographer - laminating film

by:Cailong     2019-07-06
how to make a costume of a photographer  -  laminating film
When you dress up as a photographer
Halloween or school show-
There are several basic elements to complete the garment.
Follow these tips to create a realistic costume for a photographer.
Wearing dark clothes is the basis of the photographer's clothing.
Black trousers, black T-shirt
Shirts and vests.
Alternatively, you can choose a button if you want to look more professional or upscale --
Trousers or skirts in black shirts and black dresses.
Hang the camera around your neck as much as possible.
Consider where you are wearing this dress;
Cameras are expensive props, so be sure to plan accordingly.
If you are not comfortable with a good camera with you, buy a disposable item and attach it to a rope or rope in order to hang it around your neck.
You can also put disposable items in your pocket and carry them with you in the bag.
Make a "press pass" and also hang it around your neck.
The News pass usually has your name and the organization you work for, perhaps a newspaper or magazine, large, easy-to-read wording so it can be read from far away.
"Press Pass" is also clearly identified at the top of the Pass ".
Type or write out these identifying features in order-by-5-inch paper.
The laminated film is then used to make it more authentic and sturdy.
Make a hole in the top and tie a rope on it.
To make it look more authentic, put a photo of yourself on the pass.
Bring a messenger bag.
You can put pen and paper here and take it out when you want to "take some notes.
"Keep the camera flash if you have a digital camera.
This will add visuals to your outfit and fit the section.
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