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how to make a high fashion specular reflector - buy mylar sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
how to make a high fashion specular reflector  -  buy mylar sheets
How to make advanced fashion mirror reflection-
$15, about 15 minutes. -
Rich meadei has a fun DIY finishing agent for you today.
I call it high fashion mirror reflection or "shiny board" for short ".
I have to carry a lot of equipment during my trip.
Especially when traveling is my own money, I don't have a budget to rent the cool toys I want.
I came up with the idea of this reflector through experiments and annoying luck.
I want to create a very hard light (
(Except the Sun)
Used on my model.
It's not hard to achieve this with strobes, but remember, I'm getting lazy.
I started fiddling with mirrors for the first time, but they didn't really do what I wanted to do, not to mention they would be heavy and dangerous if the mirrors were broken.
Then I thought of Merah!
Right now, it's hard to find the Merah roll, but it's not easy to get it in many places.
However, there is a cheap and easy-to-get solution, that is, the camping blanket!
So I combined the Mela blanket with a few other items to create an extraordinary light source that is cheap and versatile. Here is how.
What do you need :-
Poster Frame (24 × 36)$10)
These are available in various sizes, but you need the front of the plexiglass and are easy to find in any supermarket --Duct Tape ($1. 50)
Also found in the supermarket
You know, if you can't avoid it . . . . . . -Scissors ($1. 50-$400)
It's better to have super sharp haircut scissors, but you can use $1. 50 pair too. -
Emergency blanket ($4)
Key ingredients can be found in almost any store with a camping area.
The first thing you want to do is take the poster apart and separate it.
Don't throw anything away (
In addition to shrink packaging on the frame).
Next, you want to open the emergency blanket.
Expand it until it easily covers the back panel of the poster frame.
Cut at the edge of the board, leaving about 2 inch of the space.
When you're done, you may have two sheets of paper to install your reflector, which is handy if you make more than one.
Next, place the back plate on one of your mylar sheets.
The board can be oriented in any direction. it doesn't matter.
Start recording from one side and then to the other.
Teach lamella every time.
Your goal here is just to "nail" Merah in place and we will make it permanent in the next step.
Now you want to face the organic glass down (
It should have a protective film in front of it)
And then put the mai la sheets on it and now it's attached to the back panel.
Now is the place where the filling paper comes in (
The piece of paper with all the information on the poster frame).
If it has a white back I like to stick it on the back of the board so that I can also use a white filler.
Of course, this is completely optional.
Now, you have two options.
First, you can put everything together using the frame attachment.
It looks cleaner, but it's also painful.
Another option is to use tape.
I chose to stick everything together with tape.
You can use any strong tape of your choice, like Gaffer's, but the tape is much cheaper.
Using the same recording technique as before, work around the board and record while recording.
When you finish recording, flip the front of the reflector and peel off the protective cover on the plexiglass. Voila!
Your new super-sophisticated high-end fashion mirror reflection (shiny board)!
So, this difficult question;
"What does it do?
"When used in direct sunlight, mylar reflects the light very well.
It has a mirror.
Like its mass, like the reflection of ripple water.
The emergency blanket provides a unique feature that is not available for a clean Mela sheet.
The folds and changes caused by the package break the light enough to make it look like "wave-like water ".
However, only one or two rays of light will be emitted from the clean Mela.
Here are some examples of what you can do with this reflector.
For each photo, I turn, bend, or twist the reflector slightly just to provide some different effects.
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