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how to make a kaleidoscope - adhesive backed mylar film

by:Cailong     2019-07-26
how to make a kaleidoscope  -  adhesive backed mylar film
This kaleidoscope is very basic, or you can customize the look of it and what you see through it.
Total cost: about $15.
Total time: about 15 minutes.
Collect materials.
Here is a list of the things you need 1-
Transparent acrylic tube 10 "long with an inner diameter of 1 1/4" 3-
Mirror 10 "X 15/16 ".
Plastic is the safest, it can be sanded with sandpaper, perfect. 1-
1 1/4 "clear diameter disk1-
Diameter 1 1/2 "cab1-
Small tubes of transparent glue get these pieces in TAP plastic tapplastics. com.
You can also buy kit faucets that are combined together.
Optional Content for adding styles: 1-
A piece of sparkling paper or other material wrapped in a kaleidoscope 1-
Transparent tube with internal diameter 1-2 "length 1 1/2"
1 transparent round colored part with a diameter of 3/4 (Step 7)
Make a triangle of mirrors (shiny side in)
Then slide them into the tube.
If the fit is too tight, polish the edges outside until they are inserted in and do not move.
Make sure you clean them first, because you can never clean them with clear glue if you can't get them back (I used Weld-
Number 16 designed for plastic)
, Stick a 1/4 "disk to one end of the tube.
Use very little glue.
Stick the cable to the other end using the same glue.
Again, just use the dab so it doesn't get into the viewing area.
Let the glue dry and then enjoy the beauty through this cool toy.
Not recommended when driving!
Now you can do some great optional things to make the kaleidoscope look good from the outside and also create incredible images through it.
Step 5 will show you how to do it.
I wrap my kaleidoscope with the glitter film of the back glue.
It is a piece of 9 3/4 "4 3/4 ".
You can use wrapping paper, snake skin, etc.
You ask, why is the length of 10 3/4?
The answer is in step 8.
Stick the remaining large disk to one end of the 2 "tube.
My disk is bigger than the tube, but it doesn't matter.
Here you can create some spectacular images.
Put a small amount of colored things in the short tube.
You can use glitter, beads, shells, toenails, clippings or something.
I use shiny beads here.
Take 2 "tubes, slide about 1/4 at the round end of the Kaleidoscope ".
That's why the sparkling paper is 1/4 shorter than the tube.
The cooperation between the two tubes is very tight, and the larger tubes will only slide through the smaller exposed tubes.
Don't stick the tube together.
In this way, you can separate them and experiment with different materials. Enjoy.
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