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how to make perfect compost - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
how to make perfect compost  -  plastic sheet
Turning rotten things into other things we can use to build and improve the garden soil is the whole thing of compost.
Even with a little success, the end result is the same: a sweet --
Smell compost-organic matter that is decomposed by microorganisms and chewed by "compost worms" and then reassembled into fine dark breadcrumbs.
However, the journey these desires have can be very different depending on the time, physical strength and material you can put in.
The compost I made feeds my soil and mixes it into my own mud coal-
Free filling mixture from two sources (
I also make leaf molds but do them separately).
It happens once a day, and the rest happens in the early summer.
The first one is sweat.
Free Cake for even small pieces of land.
The second is blood.
Pumping, sweating and steaming are suitable for people with larger gardens.
Buying compost?
Not good enough to provide, I have no decoration, loweffort compost-
No heavy work is required to create technology. Fast-moving tiger (or brandling)
Worms Eat them through the waste of home and garden-and the time itself-and they do the hard work.
You can start making compost this way today-there's no need to hang around. I use a Dalek-
Type with cover/lower cover recycling plastic compost box (
Sliding "trap door" at the bottom can be useful, but not essential).
The bin is located on bare soil, on top of a thin sheet of galvanized mesh.
This prevents rodents from drilling into bins, but allows free passage of everything else, including worms.
Two bins are the best: when the first one is full, you start filling the second one. The Dalek-
For about a month, I just put the 50: 50 mixture of "green" and "brown" into the bin.
Green plants include vegetable skin, apple core, banana peel, dry cutting, green leafy weeds and lawn pruning (weedkiller-free).
Card food packaging (
No plastic coating)
The damp cardboard, egg box and wood trim are all good brown;
Put the cereal box and pizza box in a ball first, so that you can keep the mixture inflated.
Avoid using cooked food such as plastic labels, tin foil, window envelopes, and meat and fish scraps.
A month later, the material at the bottom of the bin will be moldy and now is the time to add margarine
A bucket of compost worms (
Not their pale earth.
Stir Peers).
If you can't find these in a neighbor's fertilizer or compost pile, try going to a forklift shop.
Worms disappear into the mixture and start working.
Every day or so, keep adding green and brown until the bins are full and make sure everything stays wet.
With the feast of worms, the level will fall;
Summer is falling fast and winter is falling slower.
There is no need to mix the contents of the bin-the worm will stir-because it stays cool instead of heating up.
When it's full, top it off with a weed or mower and start the next one.
Wait at least 6 months, up to 18 months (
The level will continue to drop and the worm will leave through the bottom)
Before shaking the trash can to reveal the dark, deformed content.
Sift it out, separate the lump, grind everything off
Rotten can enter your "live" bin.
Green jiadining: the best recycling equipment level will drop as the worm enjoys the input of the worm, a powerful, rich compost I rarely use-two put in one square meter/
On June, I honed my sickle on a long grass in the garden, ready for "track cutting.
I immediately went to sweat and destroyed the forest fern, the nettle, the bamboo peach Willow, the soft peak, and the grass.
This left me a bunch of green vegetables to turn into compost.
My neighbors are happy to donate their clothes.
I never had enough home.
I found 50: 50 Brown in the summer, so I relied on one or two bundles of spoiled straw, hay or silage.
Fresh strawberry fertilizer is also very effective and has the advantage of carrying your own rotboosting urine.
A pile of old dried stems can also be counted as Brown, but cut or chopped first.
I chose a patch with enough space to allow me to build a heap of at least 3ft (1m)
Wide, high and deep, with plenty of space next to it to rebuild it while turning.
This is where the blood starts to flow.
I use alternating 6 in (15cm)
Deep plants of green and brown.
There are water flowers on each floor (
It is optional to add pee)
, As well as some of the soil and/or blade molds that introduce micro-decomposing.
Do not add worms or they will be cooked alive.
The bigger the heap, the better, but start with a horizontal base to prevent it from dumping.
Straw or mower is the last topping.
If Flood is predicted, please cover the heap with plastic sheets, otherwise do not cover.
Finally, I stuffed a metal stick into the center of the pile.
Compost tea: is it really effective?
Hot work: John Walker turned his summer compost pile three times (RJH_RF / Alamy)
A few days after the RHS proposal for selecting compost, the rod is pulled out to measure the temperature;
Within a week, the weather was too hot to touch, and the heat rose from the pile, creating a steaming dawn plume.
When the rod starts to cool, it's time to turn.
I used the fork of the garden to rebuild a new pile next to the original one.
It will start to sink, so loosen the material, mix the green/brown together and spray it with water.
Rebuild it again in layers;
Try to bury the things outside the original pile in the center.
The heap generated in this first circle is smaller than in the first circle.
Push the rod back.
When it comes in contact again, make another full turn.
I usually aim at three laps and you don't distinguish between green and brown when the mixture breaks down quickly.
The rod will gradually feel warm rather than hot, and the sweat will end.
It sinks more when the heap cools down.
The compost worm enters from the soil and helps to break down further.
I will report it now.
Cool the pile with plastic to prevent the rain from washing away kindness and then place it for three to six months before harvesting the wealth.
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