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how to make xxl street stencils & get away with it - clear plastic roofing

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
how to make xxl street stencils & get away with it  -  clear plastic roofing
This instructable will show you how to cover 640 square feet of advertising with giant block letters in less than 3 hours in high traffic areas
This is the day.
By using transparent plastic templates and painting the entire wall in black, this technique minimizes the time it looks suspicious and allows authors to work on a large scale during the day.
Why is it structured?
I did a project in 2000 to cover these ads, and fortunately, let people in the neighborhood think about why ads take up our public space instead of other more efficient places.
I know I haven't exhausted the potential of this technology yet, so I pass it on to you to use and improve.
Background: What is crazy posting?
If you live downtown, you may have seen poster-sized ads on the street.
In order for large enterprises to reach the urban population, these pasted "crazy posts" * are often illegally placed on building site roadblocks, building facades, alleys and various buildings (like you! ).
At the expense of alternative uses of public space, the company has won a victory by placing its products in front of trendy city consumers
Such as murals, street art, community panels, or just plain old buildings. (
Happy to see Banksy not being sold anything)These top-
Authoritarian information designed to convince the public is only the default part of city life.
It's even hard to imagine what would be more democratic or in the interests of the community.
Required materials: 1. Large Ruler (36+ inches)
Or stick it straight.
The tape measure is at least 8 feet long. 3. Level4.
Permanent Mark-Sharpie, Marks-A-Lot, etc. 5.
Plastic film for construction/Agriculture grade. Clear.
The thickness should be 3 or 4 mil.
It is usually sold at the hardware store for 10x100. (
You can use 2003 [left]
Biological attack warning)6.
Manual nail gun 7
A volume of a line or line. 8.
Black latex paint
Depending on how big your wall is, a few gallons.
It's convenient to buy more. 9.
Canvas drop cloth
Makes you look more legal. 10.
Paint rollers and stick11. Foam Brushes12.
Light latex paint (
For summary letters)
Useful materials
Computer and printer2.
Table of transparency working in said printer3.
Projector (
LCD projector can also)4. Right angle5.
Painter's clothing (
Work clothes, painters hats and other clothes that are splashed with paint)6. Orange cones1.
Find some websites for advertisements for heatpasted. 2.
Measure the size and take notes. -
Many building barriers are up to 8ft as they are made of 4x8 plywood.
If you do not have a tape measure, you can calculate the thickness of the plywood and determine the length. -
Poster ads are usually in uniform size.
If you know the width and height of a poster, you can often infer the width and height of the entire wall by counting the poster. 3.
Take a digital photo if you can. 4.
Observe the walls for at least 2 weeks.
The poster will be replaced in one and a halfregular basis.
If you can determine when they cycle, you can make sure that your work remains as long as possible.
Note: When one of my larger pieces is covered by an advertisement after 7 hours, it is difficult for me to understand this.
You will want to find more than one location.
These places are usually temporary, especially building barriers.
I planned to do a wall but disappeared a few days before I was ready.
Now that you know the size of the wall, you can plan your work.
The information in this section depends on you and involves many factors.
I take these questions as the starting point :-
Do you want to say that there will be thousands of people reading every day? -
How do you involve your audience in the production of information? -
What information is most effective in that field? -
Will the information be watched or ignored? -
Will people understand this information? -
What are your expected consequences? How do you maximize these consequences? -
What are the possible unintended consequences? How can you minimize these consequences? -
Remember, the "fill" of your letter will be an advertisement, so incorporate it into your concept.
More starting point from the opposite
Advertising agency website.
How can you turn this space into something interesting and meaningful?
BlueprintI found clean, sharp fonts
Attract people's attention like letters.
If these letters are not "looking like graffiti", then maybe they should be there in the public mind?
You can at least let people slow down and read until they figure out what's going on.
So, if you're going to copy the font for a wall that's 8 feet high, how is this done?
How wide should you be each letter?
How much space is there between each letter?
You have two options.
Create your own font2.
Use the font in your computer (
I only deal with option 2 in this structure.
Maybe I will do Option 1 in the future. )
Mocking your designer will show this in public
The source alternative for Illustrator called Inkscape.
You can use any graphic editor you like. 1.
Start Inkscape. 2.
Open Document Properties (Shift+Ctrl+D)
And change the ruler from pixel to CM (see image)3.
Type your text in any font you like.
Block fonts are easier to recreate on a large scale and easier to read. 3.
Change the object property measurement to CM (see image). 4.
Adjust your letter size to fit the wall. -
I use the ratio of 1 feet: 1 cm, so a letter with a height of 7 feet (
6 inch 8 feet edge top and bottom on wall)
About seven centimeters.
I enlarged my letter in two ways.
Use the projector, use math and level.
Projector method 1.
Print your letter on transparent paper. *2.
Project the letters to the wall with a projector. 3.
Hang the plastic cloth on the wall where the projection falls to the ground. 4.
Track your letter with a permanent mark.
* Depending on the projector, in order for the letters to be projected to a 7 feet high place, you may need to print a larger original on transparency.
Methods of mathematics and level 1.
Because you printed your letter. 1cm=1ft)
You can draw a grid of 1x1 cm on the letters and use it as a guide to hand-painting the letters on the plastic. 2.
Draw key intersection points on plastic. 3.
Use horizontal as a straight edge and make sure to draw at right angles. 4.
Note that "round" letters such as S, O, C, Q extend slightly above and below the "square" letters. 5.
Don't worry if you leave 2 inch, but be as accurate as possible.
Cut the letter.
On each plastic letter, write down what letter it is with a permanent mark, and the spacing of the next letter.
Write the same notes in several places on plastic.
When you're on the street, it's easier to find your notes than to roll out every 7-foot letter and see what it is.
Collect your materials and make sure your drawings and print output are referenced on site.
For an overview of how all works, see the picture.
Run a line of hemp rope along the top or bottom edge of the letter.
This hemp rope will serve as a guide to the hanging template.
In this example, start 6 from the bottom edge.
Check the notes you wrote on the template and hang the first letter with your DingTalk gun.
Remember your left and right edges.
If your ground and walls are also horizontal, this level can come in handy as a guide. . . 1.
Get your black paint, roller and drip cloth and systematically paint the entire wall black.
Cover your clear template too, so the whole wall is black.
If someone asks who you are or what you are doing, say something like "clean it up" or "give this wall a new coat. 2.
Hang out and let the paint dry.
Have a cup of coffee or a snack. Get your hi-
Prepare light and foam brushes. 3.
When the paint is dry, pull the template down and wrap it up.
Start your outline work immediately.
If you have two people, the speed will be fast.
If you hold the brush correctly, you can get a fairly uniform line weight. That's it.
Photo sent back:-
Thanks to the advertising agency. . .
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