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how to paint on mylar - mylar polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
how to paint on mylar  -  mylar polyester film
Mylar is the name of a polyester film produced by DuPont.
Since it can provide protection performance, it is used for various process items.
These properties include resistance to various chemicals.
Many types of paint and ink will not be able to dry properly onto the Mera and will run.
Acrylic paint for wet-
Media Mylar allows the paint to be pasted correctly.
Stick the pull on a flat surface.
This will prevent it from bending or moving during painting.
Apply to the surface of Mylar with acrylic paint.
Let Mela sit for 72 hours.
This ensures complete curing of acrylic paint. Remove the tape.
Now, the paint will stick completely to the wheat.
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