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how to paint plastic for light to shine through - clear plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
how to paint plastic for light to shine through  -  clear plastic panels
The painted plastic board adds a unique sun trap and other decorations to any home or garden.
If you use the correct paint type, it is easy to penetrate with plastic paint light.
Create a decorative panel, hang it on a window, or stand in front of a bare bulb with acrylic sheets and stained glass paint.
Paint a plastic soda bottle in red and hang it in the garden.
Translucent glass paint allows light to shine through the feeder so you know when it needs to be refilled.
Clean both sides of the plastic board with a glass cleaner.
Place the plastic board on top of the design template.
The design can be anything you want to track and paint on a plastic board.
When light passes through a translucent image, the paint color becomes active.
Clean the sides of the panel with rubbing alcohol to remove any fingerprints.
Be careful not to touch this side of the panel again with your hands.
Wear cotton gloves when completing the project to avoid transferring any oil and print in your hands to a plastic board.
Trace the outline of the design on the plastic board with a glass pen.
Glass paint pens are translucent like glass paint.
If you like images in a stained glass style, track the profile with a liquid guide.
Fill the space between the contours with glass paint to recreate the image.
Apply glass paint with artist's brush, just like apply acrylic paint.
To get the color glass effect, spray the color glass paint between the dry liquid leads.
The artist's brush is not required to apply colored glass paint.
Let the paint dry completely.
Glass paint can be baked on the glass, but it is better to dry the plastic plate in direct sunlight.
The heat of the sun will bake the paint onto the plastic board.
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