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How to Punch a Hole in Plastic - clear plastic corrugated sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
How to Punch a Hole in Plastic  -  clear plastic corrugated sheets
Whether you are sorting out your company ID card or adding finishing touches to your school project, punch holes in plastic sheets with a punch or punch.
The hole punch pushes various shapes, such as circles, slots and squares, through plastic sheets.
Buy punching machines online at school and office supplies stores.
Most punching machines can pass through plastic sheets.
Position the punch or pressure hole so that the mold is located above the plastic area to be punched.
The mold is a piece of metal that extends out from the punch, usually in a round shape, slot shape, or square shape.
Close the punch with your hand.
Hand-held punches approach by squeezing the handle with the hand.
Push the lever down with your hand on the desktop and tighten.
Apply enough pressure on the punch to get it through the plastic.
Listen to the punch.
Loosen the punch.
Remove the punch from the plastic.
Remove any remaining plastic scrap if needed.
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