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how to remove lacquer from carbon steel woks - heat transfer film

by:Cailong     2019-07-16
how to remove lacquer from carbon steel woks  -  heat transfer film
Uncoated carbon steel woks is favored by amateur and professional chefs for its strength and precise heat transfer.
This feature makes them ideal for stirring
Fried vegetables, fish and meat.
These pans usually come with a clear, non-toxic paint layer that prevents scratches and protects the surface until you season it by oil the pan and heating the pan.
You can remove the protective paint with warm soapy water.
Some manufacturers advise you to use scratches
Free clean cloth to completely remove the paint.
Fill your sink with hot water and add about a tablespoon of liquid detergent when the tap is on.
Dip the pot into the sink full of water for five minutes.
Drain the sink and wash the pan with warm water and detergent, just like washing any plate.
Search for frying pans inside and outside
Scratch fiber cleaning cloth--
Soak in warm water and detergent-
Until you remove all traces of the paint.
Wipe the pan thoroughly with a soft cloth or paper towel.
According to the manufacturer's instructions, the pan is now ready to be seasoned with oil.
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