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how to repair drywall: a homeowner's guide - where can you buy mylar sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-30
how to repair drywall: a homeowner\'s guide  -  where can you buy mylar sheets
If you have a home, a wall (and ceilings)
You are surrounded by dry walls.
The drywall, also known as gypsum board or wall board, was invented in 1916 and was quickly discovered because it was relatively cheap and easy to erect. The downside?
Even today, it is easily damaged by random bumps in heavy furniture or pipes leaking behind walls.
So if you have significant dents or flaws in your own walls, you may want to know how to fix the drywall.
Is it easy or is it better to leave it to professionals?
While professional contractors are better suited to build new walls or carry out major repairs, many believe that repairing drywall can be a DIY job ---
At least some guidance.
So bring your tool belt and take a look at these steps to learn how to fix the drywall yourself.
For minor repairs in small holes. . .
It means that the width and depth are less than CM, like DingTalk or picture hook damage)
You can fill them with plaster paste.
You can buy this at a local hardware store, where it can be called spackling paste, joint compound, or mud.
Original color owner Luis Perez says if you're new to drywall repair, choose a spackling compound that dries in about 45 minutes, this will give you time to commit and correct a drywall and painting company located in the Church of VA falls.
Then try the following steps: If the hole is large (
Meaning more than centimeters wide or deep)
, You need to cut a dry wall from the scrap or buy a pre-cut patch.
Then take the following steps: hide your handiwork as soon as everything is filled or patched, and you will want to draw a picture on it to hide your fix.
"The trick is to make the restoration look like it has never happened," said Luis Perez, owner of the drywall and primary colors of the painting company at the VA Falls Church.
"If the repair is not good, you will see bumps, especially when the lights are on.
"Paint small repairs with touch --
Brush up and feather the edge of the patch to mix it with the wall.
However, if you have a large patch or several repairs, you have to repaint the entire wall to keep the color completely uniform. ----------
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