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how to replace a broken glass patio table top (without glass!) - twin wall polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
how to replace a broken glass patio table top (without glass!)  -  twin wall polycarbonate sheet
Our patio table turned over during a serious thunderstorm.
The glass table top was broken all over the place, leaving us only a metal frame and a huge mess.
Instead of spending a lot of money on a new glass desktop (
This could be broken in future storms)
, We built a new table top that looks great, cheaper than glass and can be completely customized according to your design taste.
The following is what is needed to replace the table top of the broken glass terrace: 1.
4 'x 8' pieces of plywood or scrap board.
Best Outdoor rating. 2.
'X' double wall polycarbonate, 6mm MultiLite clear.
We bought it in Menards.
About $30-
$40 for the construction of the greenhouse wall.
It looks a bit like plastic cardboard. 3. 4' x 8. Vinyl fabric.
Make it a little longer than 8' so you can wrap the edges below.
We bought it at Walmart.
It is vinyl, a bit waterproof and has a nice pattern. 4. Screws.
Make sure the screws are a little longer than the width of the plywood.
In addition, in order to prevent water leakage, the Polycarbonate plate also has screws with rubber washers.
When you get the Polycarbonate film, pick up some of them (
On our house cards, these screws are sold right next to the polyester film)5.
The drill and the nail lay the plywood flat on the ground.
Upside Down Terrace table top frame on top of plywood.
In this way, you can easily make sure that the plywood is centered around the frame with uniform spacing on each side.
Next, we need to attach the plywood to the frame of the table.
You can drill through the metal desktop frame in order to install the frame drilling on the plywood for the screws. . .
Or most patio tables have a small label inside the frame with holes (see image).
These holes usually have small rubber blocks on which the glass will be placed.
Take out these rubber sheets and you have some perfect size holes to screw the frame firmly onto the plywood!
Just make sure you have a screw of the right length to dig the plywood but don't go through it all the time.
The proper length depends on the thickness of the plywood you decide to use.
Now that your table base is firmly secured to the top of the plywood, please turn the table back so it can stand upright.
Now is the time to install the vinyl cloth to the desktop.
Vinyl cloth is a little elastic.
Make sure your cloth is straight if it has a pattern.
Make sure to cover the fabric evenly on each side of the plywood.
Keep in mind that in the next steps you will fix the cloth to the underside of the desktop with a stapler.
Once your fabric is in place, go to the next step.
Now that your vinyl fabric is fully in place, you can fix your polycarbonate/plastic board to it.
Be sure to remove the plastic cling film from each side of the polycarbonate and remove any sticker or price tag.
Make sure to place direct and square polycarbonate above plywood/vinyl.
The size of Pc and plywood is the same (4' by 8')
So they should line up perfectly.
After the plywood and polycarbonate are arranged, fix the polycarbonate with special screws sold with it.
There is a little bit of rubber under each of these screws so they don't let the water leak.
Hang around and try to find some flat rubber screws.
We only have hex heads (
As seen in the photo)
But we plan to find some flat heads and replace the hexagonal heads so they can be placed on the table well.
Don't screw the screws too tightly.
Tighten to a point enough to squish the rubber gasket.
The screws will go through the polycarbonate, through the vinyl and into the plywood.
Make sure the length of the screw is correct (
Depending on the depth of the plywood you use)
You don't want the screws to be too long to stick out from the bottom.
For the last step, we found it easiest to reverse the table the last time.
With the table upside down, you can fold any excess vinyl from the previous steps.
Fold it tightly to the underside of the desktop and fix it with some pegs.
You have a new heavy duty table once it's done.
It's also safer because it won't break if you encounter a big storm.
The ultimate benefit is that you can customize your design based on the fabric you choose.
You can use solid colors or patterns like we do. Enjoy!
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