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how to safely observe sunday's solar eclipse - aluminized mylar film

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
how to safely observe sunday\'s solar eclipse  -  aluminized mylar film
On Sunday, there may be a spectacular solar eclipse in the sky in the western United States (May 20)
Here's a useful reminder for New eclipse chasers: safety.
The enlarged, unfiltered sunlight takes only one second, which will cause irreparable damage to the retina of your eyes.
Imagine your eye being severely sunburned.
Your eyes can't grow new layers like your skin tissue and fall off the burnt layers, so without the protection of the safety equipment used by senior sky watchers and astronomers, staring directly at the Sun is
So practice safe Sunshine: Don't look at it directly!
Not with your eyes, telescope, and of course not Telescope unless you have the right optical filter.
No matter whether there is a solar eclipse or not, direct sunlight will damage your eyesight.
Warning: the eclipse on Sunday is dangerous!
Sunday's eclipse, such as solar eclipse, can be dangerous for inexperienced people. A ring ("annulus")
Even when the moon covers the most, the disk of the sun can still be seen.
The relative darkness of the outline of the moon will fool the iris of your eyes.
But the dangerous direct sunlight is on the edge and can cause you serious damage if there is no preventive measure. [
Solar eclipse of May 20, 2012Photo Guide)]
An experienced eclipse chaser watching the total solar eclipse will have a short time
Only for the entire period-
When they can view eclipse directly.
Don't try unless you're with someone you 've done before and can still see it.
But don't try it on Sunday.
If you plan to watch a solar eclipse or look for sunspots, then what is the optical filter material for the Sunwatching?
Eclipse glasses are designed and sold for this purpose.
If you have time to shop online before the event you plan to watch.
There may be stock in your local museum store.
Try to buy them online from a reputable telescope manufacturer (e. g.
, Orion, MidSTAR).
If you can catch them, welder goggles with a grade of 14 or higher will protect your eyesight.
The advantage of goggles over glasses is that they have straps.
They are unlikely to fall.
It's not very safe to take a piece of No.
Raise the welder's glass to the sun.
Experienced eclipse watchers and astronomers who know what they are doing sometimes use aluminum-containing Mela films.
Aluminum slag blocks a lot of harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays.
But to be sure, the material is really aluminum-containing.
Don't judge with it-
Install filters on binoculars, telescopes, or any other type of lens-
Device based or mirrored.
Although you may have heard of it, do not use photographic film
Especially medical X.
There may be light around you
While there are some lotions that can make effective filters when developed after full exposure, it's hard to know if the film you have is safe.
Only black and white film made of silver emulsion, fully exposed and fully developed, can be used only when you are absolutely sure.
Color films are never safe.
Other "Sun unsafe" filters include smoked glass, brown or green glass (
Think about beer bottles)
, A polarized sunglasses/car windshield or "nerve density" filter for the camera.
Just because the sun looks dark through matter does not mean that dangerous invisible infrared rays or dangerous ultraviolet rays do not reach your delicate retina. [
How to see the sun is not blind (Infographic)]
Pinhole camera/projector and telescope-
The safest way to view a solar eclipse using items you may have at home is to build a small hole camera.
Our colleague Natalie Wolchover provides you with a complete, simple little mystery of lifeto-
Follow the pinhole camera instructions in this video.
If you have a telescope, be sure to install the correct solar filter for it.
An unfiltered telescope pointing to the sun is very dangerous, even if no one looks through it.
It can start the fire in a few seconds. [
Remember the unfortunate ants that the neighbor children burned with a magnifying glass? ]
The correct filter is not only very dark at most wavelengths;
It holds onto the light tube-
Or the first element in the light path-
So we can't knock it off.
Also, remember to remove the finder scope or any other auxiliary magnifying glass.
Even if capped, these can heat up in extended sunlight, easily distorted or cracked.
But if your viewfinder is not there, how do you aim your telescope at the big bright star you want to see?
Simple: look at the shadow on the ground.
Move your range until the footprint of the shadow is minimal.
Now you are completely in the sun!
To see these tips, watch this video of watching the sun with a telescope.
Of course, the sun can always be seen online.
NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory
Earth synchronous orbit-
There is a better view than you and I will get it.
This smart ship is pointing all the way down to the sun.
Connect 130 MB of scientific data per second.
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center released an amazing image of the SDO to an interactive online player.
You can zoom in on the activity area, fly over the flare on the outline of the sun's edge and discover the Sun tornado . . . . . . The surface of our stars is a fascinating and terrible place.
Note: The Solar Dynamics Observatory will not be able to "see" The solar eclipse on May 20.
Neither NASA's Solar-Terrestrial Relations Observatory nor the ESA/NASA joint solar-solar observatory will see it.
But the JapaneseU. S.
During this time, the Hinode satellite will capture four separate partial solar eclipses.
By the way, did I mention the last warning?
Don't stare directly at the sun!
It's not with your eyes, it's not with a telescope, it's definitely not going to use a telescope unless you have the right optical filter.
I practice safe sunshine. So should you.
Edit note: If you have taken any safe and amazing eclipse photos you would like to use in your story or gallery, please send the pictures and comments to the space.
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