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how to stay healthy on a road trip - transparent window film

by:Cailong     2019-08-19
how to stay healthy on a road trip  -  transparent window film
So you heard the call to open the road. -
You finally decided to answer.
Don't feel too guilty about abandoning the office water dispenser for Route 66;
Research shows that taking some
The holidays you need may reduce your risk of heart disease, anxiety, and depression.
However, in the hot sun, it's hard to feel between crowded car seats and endless roadside burger shops ---and stay --
The shape of driving from point A to Point B
Here are some tips to help you take your vacation from work-
Not because of your health. -
When traveling on the road
Find allies, open roads.
The wind in your hair during the day.
In the evening, I had a cool beer in my hand.
A plate of meat on the 24 thhour diner.
Somewhere, drifting in your subconscious mind, a vague memory of the gym.
It's easy to give up self.
Pay attention to nature and convenience during road travel.
Alexis Gross, comprehensive health and lifestyle coach at Nassau, Bahamas, says you shouldn't do it yourself if you really want to stay healthy.
"Get support first," Gros suggested . ".
"If you really want to do something that works, it's really hard when someone says, 'Oh, just eat that burger.
Just eat French fries.
I want fries.
You can't control what others do, but you can talk to your friends in advance.
"Let your fellow road travelers know that you want to exercise for an hour a day, or that you want to limit quickly --foot pit stops.
Don't rely solely on willpower to complete your trip.
PlanGross suggests doing your homework before you hit the road.
Find a gym or activity center near the hotel with classes.
After arriving at your destination, use social media crowdsourcing to get healthy restaurant advice.
See if you have a grocery store in the city near your main highway.
That way, you'll have fewer excuses once you're in the car.
Choose a smaller BBQ pit. Drive-
Through the burger joint.
Taquerias on the roadside.
Gas station buffet
Diners, diners, diners.
It is difficult to maintain healthy eating habits on the road.
But with a little bit of planning and a lot of willpower, you can avoid the collapse of your energy ---
Natalie Taggart said that your physique has expanded from being a certified overall health coach with its headquarters in the Colombian district.
Taggart recommends stopping at the grocery store and installing a cooler with a healthy eating option.
Make a sandwich with a whole piece
Cereal bread and thin protein. Purchase fiber-
The cut vegetables and fruits are filled with snacks so you can stay full for a long time.
But if you're stuck a few miles from the nearest town, there's nothing around except gas stations and McDonald's, where there's healthy ---well, healthy-ish --options.
Avoid the hot buffet at the gas station.
But choose protein-
Rich choices such as hardship
Boiled eggs, skim cheese sticks, water-
Tuna and yogurt.
Grilled nuts, beef jerky, sunflower seeds and fruit are also good optionsthe-go noshing. If a drive-
The most convenient option is a chicken salad, grilled, crispy, or burger bread.
If possible, order edges like apple slices instead of chips.
However, road travel is a road trip--
It is important not to deprive yourself of your rights, said tagter.
"If you drive across the South and want to park a barbecue, stop the barbecue," Taggart said . ".
"But make sure you balance your food choices for the rest of the day.
"Pick and taste one or two BBQ side dishes that you really like ---
Macaroni and Cheese-
Not five.
Later in the day, squeeze out time for a walk or have a light dinner.
"You are on vacation and you want to experience it fully," Taggart said . ".
"Make healthy choices about 80% of the time, so you can enjoy yourself for the remaining 20% of the time.
"Act quickly if you haven't heard of it", sitting is the new way to smoke.
"A recent study published in the online journal BMJ Open found that sitting for more than three hours a day could shorten a person's life by two years.
Even if you have changed the table you sit at work to a standing table, you sit in the car all day while on vacation, offsetting your good intentions.
If you are driving a coach, health experts advise you to stop for a break at least once every two hours.
Take a walk at the rest station.
Squeeze a few simple roadside stretches.
If you are really committed to sticking to your usual health system, find time to exercise every day.
If you're near the Wilderness Trail-
Or a fitness chain with a full-day pass for visitors-
It's easy to run or lift weights.
No gym and park nearby?
Jenn Culver Malecha in San Diego, California, said no problem
Personal trainer and health coach based on certification.
You just need to be creative.
For example, there are yoga, cardio and high on YouTube
Intensity Interval Training video training can be played from the phone in the hotel room.
Push and other exercises-ups, sit-
Ups, board positions and squats can be executed anytime, anywhere--
In order to increase the extra resistance, the dumbbell can be replaced with luggage.
Or you can jog up and down the stairs of the hotel.
Lack of motivation to get your body moving on the journey?
Gross likes to find unusual classes or activities she has never tried before ---
An African dance class, a new yoga school-
When she was traveling in a new place
In this way, exercising on vacation seems more like an adventure than an obligation.
A recent study published in the journal Physiology and Behavior found that no drinking-
Water is--
Driving can be as dangerous as driving after drinking.
Researchers have observed that drivers with mild dehydration make as many mistakes as they drive ---
Lane drift, late braking--
When someone is driving a blood alcohol concentration of 0 or more. 08 percent.
Short explanation?
Your brain is not at its best when you are dehydrated.
Between the salty dim sum, the hot sun and the ocean that never separates
End the traffic, easily scorched-
Or just forgot to drink water. -
When traveling on the road
Malecha suggests buying a water dispenser and filling it up.
Don't drink caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee or soda, or try to reduce your intake.
Eat snacks on fruits and vegetables that contain water instead of sodium
Full of chips or pretzels.
Can't work without caffeine?
"My general advice is that you buy one [at any time [caffeinated]
"Drink, always buy water with it," Malecha said . ".
"Matching these drinks will help you keep moisture on the road.
"Protect your skin, you're not lying on the beach, but not being stingy with sunscreen.
A recent study by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that nearly 53% of skin cancer patients in the United StatesS.
Occurs on the left side of the body--
When you sit in the driver's seat, bathe on the side of the sun.
Can't the window protect you from the sun? Not quite.
The windshield is partially treated to filter UV radiation, but the side and rear windows do not provide much barrier.
Most home decor or car shops can buy a transparent window film that screens out nearly 100% of UV and UV rays.
However, the movie will protect you only if the window is rolled up-
Meaning you should apply sunscreen if you want a little breeze.
Taggart recommends choosing a product with a minimum SPF 30 and making sure to apply it to the neck, head and arm-
A study by the American Academy of Dermatology found that certain parts of the body are particularly prone to skin cancer.
Remember to sleep between a stiff hotel bed, late night and early morning, and it's easy to lose sleep on the road.
However, no matter how tempting it is to stay late at the roadside bar or get up early to avoid rush hour traffic, it is better to catch a few more hours and close the door --eye instead.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sleepy driving accounted for 2.
5% of fatal car accidents-
2% of the accidents caused injuries. -
Between 2005 and 2009.
The National Sleep Foundation's sleep survey in the United States found that 60% of Americans drive when they feel sleepy, and 37% admit that they have fallen asleep in the past year.
Try to sleep at least seven to nine hours a night even though you're on vacation, which the NSF recommends for all adults.
Taggart recommends bringing soothing essential oils such as your own pillows and lavender to make rooms in foreign hotels more home-like.
Still not sleeping often--or as well --as you'd like?
It's hard to adapt to the new time zone?
Before it's your turn to drive, be sure to take a nap in the back seat of the car.
Practice MindfulnessIt's all-time joke.
But this is true. -
Occasionally fatal. -phenomenon.
The AAA Traffic Safety Foundation analyzed more than 10,000 police reports and newspaper reports and found that road rage caused 12,610 deaths and 1996 injuries between 1990 and 218.
To avoid getting caught in anger that might help drive positively, Gross recommends practicing mindfulness, which involves focusing on the moment.
[Attention]the feeling of]
"Your feet are resting on the rest," Gross said . ".
"Pay attention to the small vibration in your car and feel the vibration through your seat.
Realize what's happening around you.
When you focus on that particular moment, you are not distracted by other things.
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