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how to take wrinkles out of polyester with steam - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
how to take wrinkles out of polyester with steam  -  characteristics of polyester
Synthetic material polyester, while strong and versatile, is cheaper than cotton in many cases, does have a disadvantage: it cannot withstand direct heat.
This may make it difficult for you to eliminate wrinkles on polyester pants, tops or skirts without leaving ugly scorched marks.
Removing wrinkles with steam is a safer option.
The shower hangs polyester clothes on a sturdy plastic or wooden hanger.
Avoid using metal hangers because rust will be transferred to your clothes.
Hang the hanger from the strong place in the bathroom near the shower, but avoid hanging the clothes in the shower room.
Mix 1 tablespoon liquid fabric softener and 3 cups of clear water in a plastic spray bottle.
Shake before gently spraying the mixture on the clothes.
The diluted fabric softener will help to release wrinkles while leaving a pleasant smell.
Open the shower to the hottest environment, open the shower curtain or door, and close the bathroom door.
Steam from the room will remove wrinkles safely and effectively without damaging polyester fiber.
Enter the wet bathroom in 10 to 15 minutes.
If wrinkles are eliminated, remove your clothes and store or wear them as needed.
If deep wrinkles persist, keep the shower in place, close the door of the bathroom and gently pull the wrinkle area until the wrinkles disappear.
The closers read the clothing label to make sure it is safe to put it in the dryer.
If so, set the dryer to the hot settings recommended by the label.
Hang polyester clothing or plastic or wooden hangers, spray gently with a plastic spray bottle filled with clear water, or combine a 1 tablespoon liquid fabric softener diluted with 3 cups of clear water.
It is acceptable to help soften the fabric and eliminate wrinkles.
Put clothes and a wet towel in the dryer.
Turn on the dryer and let it run for 10 to 15 minutes.
Wet polyester clothing, wet towels and heat from the dryer combine to produce steam, helping to eliminate wrinkles safely and gently.
After 10 to 15 minutes, turn off the dryer and check the garment.
If some deeper wrinkles persist, run the clothes and towels for another 10 minutes.
If you are satisfied, put on or store your clothes as needed.
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