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how to tint your home's windows - thin polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-10
how to tint your home\'s windows  -  thin polyester film
Basically, the window tone or solar control film is a very thin film, usually made of polyester with scratches
Resistant to coating.
To achieve the effect, some films involve multiple polyester layers.
These films are still only mm thick and are attached to the inside of the window with adhesive.
In order to create a sunlight barrier, manufacturers use different additives in special, often patented formulas to create the required properties.
One is dyed.
This method of preventing sunlight from affecting the internal environment of the home makes use of the absorption of harmful light to the sun.
It should be noted that the absorption of heat will increase the stress on the window glass, which may cause the glass to break on a regular basis.
According to the website of the international window Film Association, the use of any window film will increase the thermal stress on the sunlight exposure glass [
SOURCE: International Window Film Association.
Therefore, it is important to check the manufacturer's window limit before deciding the appropriate film.
The other two types of window film work by reflecting most of the sun's harmful light.
A film is metallized, which means that different types of metal are embedded in the polyester base.
The latest variety of films use advanced ceramics to reflect sunlight.
In addition to the different ways of dealing with the sun, the window film also has many shades and colors.
These can be from transparency to transparency.
Many available colors have a slight metallic appearance such as bronze, stainless steel, or gray.
Some of the newer versions of window movies are almost clear.
In addition to the style, color and tone can also bring other benefits.
The colored version often provides more privacy, while clearer films tend to be less reflective and will not have a mirror image at night.
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