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how to transfer digital images to mugs - heat transfer film

by:Cailong     2019-07-16
how to transfer digital images to mugs  -  heat transfer film
Transferring digital images to cups can be done in several ways.
If you want to make a lot of cups, digital image printing can be done at home with some tools.
Putting pictures on a cup is a great gift that adds to the personal feeling that is not available elsewhere.
If you are looking for a special item to sell, they are also a good selling item.
Transferring images to mugs at home requires the purchase of a hot press, mug glass unit, and heat transfer paper.
This could cost $500-
According to the quality of the Machine, $1,000 or more.
This option is feasible if you need to produce a large number of cups.
These images are printed from a computer onto a hot paper and then transmitted to a cup treated with a polymer film.
Digital images are then applied and heated to 450 degrees F to complete image transfer.
If you want to make one or two cups, you can consider having them printed online.
Some companies allow you to upload your digital images from your computer and design your own cups from a comfortable computer chair.
The company then produces the cup and sends it directly to you.
If you have a time limit, you need to design the Cup quickly and find a local company.
Most cities have design T-
Shirts and other graphic designs.
These companies may allow the public to come in and design their own products for a fee.
You can put your order in and receive your cup on the same day.
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