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how to work with a lexan - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
how to work with a lexan  -  polycarbonate
Lexan is a brand name for polyester plastic.
Polycarbonate is a transparent, thermoplastic plastic that looks a lot like glass.
However, it resists breakage and debris better than glass.
Examples used by Lexan include windshields for ships and motorcycles, and covers for headlights and meters.
Although it is possible to scratch polycarbonate, polishing can repair the damage.
You can also bend the polycarbonate into the desired shape and angle.
With the right tools, you can restore or reshape Lexan.
Apply a plastic cleaner to the material.
Do not use alkaline-
It is based on cleaning agent because it damages the plastic.
Use only plasticsafe products.
Clean Lexan thoroughly and remove all dirt.
Cleaning prevents scratches during polishing.
Apply the plastic friction compound to the material.
This rough compound will rub deep scratches during polishing.
90-on the scratch-degree angles.
Wipe all the friction compounds clean before going to the next step.
Rub on polished compounds.
This finer compound will buffer the lighter scratches left after applying the friction compound.
After rubbing off the polished compound, the Lexan surface should be clear and shiny.
After the polishing process is completed, the Lexan product is treated with a plastic cleaner and protected from future damage.
Turn on your belt heater.
The ribbon heater is a slender heating element for bending plastic like Lexan.
The heater has different lengths depending on the size of the sheet you want to use.
You can purchase a thermostat for the belt heater to control the heat output.
The ideal temperature is 340 degrees Fahrenheit.
Mark the edge of the panel at the bend, indicating where the heat is applied.
Place the Lexan sheet on the heater.
Pay attention to the signs of elasticity of the paper to avoid overheating.
The sheets will buckle inward at the bend and then straighten again.
At this point it is ready to be processed into a new shape.
Process Lexan into the desired shape.
Since Lexan has cooled in a few minutes, bend it quickly.
Once cooled, your panel will remain in a new shape.
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