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#ICYMI: Plastics bylaw, a viable Islam, flooding, more news - pet film for food packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-12
#ICYMI: Plastics bylaw, a viable Islam, flooding, more news  -  pet film for food packaging
Monterey mayor Valery Plante wants to ban singles
Use plastic items such as straws, foam plastic cups, disposable tableware and groceries
By the spring of 2020, stories of meat, fish and vegetables were packed in food. .
We need a Islam that works in this era, writes imams Luqman Ahmed of the Muslim community of Ahmadia, Canada.
Three months after the carbon monoxide leak at LaSalle Primary School, dozens of children were taken to hospital and teachers said they still don't know what's going on and may now seek compensation. .
It has been almost a week since the rain and melted snow mix caused the rivers to flood the province
Thousands of homeowners have been displaced in and around Montreal, Quebec City, gatino and Bois.
The bad weather on Wednesday means the water will begin to retreat as early as Thursday. .
* Lawyers representing a man accused of harassing Côte d'Ivoiredes-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-
Before and after the recent municipal elections, the mayor of the glace autonomous city, Sue Montgomery, admitted on Wednesday that his client could be annoying, but also argued that he had never worried her about her safety. .
* A man, considered one of Montreal's most powerful gangsters, admitted on Wednesday to holding meth and marijuana in prison, pending the trial of Hell Angels and the Montreal Mafia. .
The city released good financial news of $212 on Wednesday. 7-
According to the audited financial statements submitted by the chairman of the executive committee, Benoit Dorais, 2018 of the surplus was million. .
Health Minister Danielle Macon announced on Wednesday that babies born in Quebec as of June 1 will be immunised according to a simplified and improved vaccination schedule. .
Montreal revealed in its 10 million-year financial report that in 2018, Montreal spent $2018 more on clearing snow than planned. .
In the 150 indoor performances of the Montreal International Jazz Festival from June 27-7, a variety of music lovers can enjoy. .
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