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idea aims to slam door on urban blight in oakland - polycarbonate glass

by:Cailong     2019-08-24
idea aims to slam door on urban blight in oakland  -  polycarbonate glass
In Rome, Paris, Florence and other international metropolises, the jingle of the metal sliding doors heralds the arrival of the dawn, just like a motorcycle on a pebble.
However, the metal doors are more like a reminder of urban crime.
They fought a war in Oakland.
In the area, the city manager suggested banning metal doors, black iron doors, metal bars, barbed wire and barbed wire in the storefront.
The latest effort beautifies San Francisco's skinny stepsisters, who met last week with a partial boycott of the city council and upset shopkeepers that offered them relatively cheap security.
The mayor, Jerry Brown, injected more than a suspicion: "is the merchant simply cranking up barbed wire?
He asked.
"No one likes barbed wire, but I don't want to tear the business off just to please political correctness.
"I'm not saying we can't do anything [
In that direction.
"But we have to be careful to work with merchants," Brown said . ".
He warned that the city should not put a burden on businesses during the recession.
We have to be real here.
"The concept expressed by Ignacio De La Fuente, the president of the City Council, is good, but only if he is convinced that alternative solutions can work as well and that cities can provide funds to help businesses make changes, he will support it.
The ban on barbed wire and barbed wire is another matter, he said.
"I can tell you that the City Council will approve it," he said . ".
The council is expected to consider the proposal in June.
City manager Robert Bobb said he did not object to security measures, but he hoped they would not be so obvious.
Despite his sympathy for the struggling businessman, he remains angry at some of the big companies that insist on pulling
Metal gate.
Bobb complains along the lakeside Avenue, one of the city's tony shopping centers, "you can take a walk in the evening, see the display in retail stores and restaurants," but "Footlocker pulls down from the metal gate.
He said the company had no metal gates in other cities he visited.
The statement not mentioned in the box.
Again, in the heart of Walgreens near Town Hall, a metal door will fall at night, but a new Gap store has no storefront door, and Bobb praises it as a model company, he said, solid glass is installed and the display is fixed by "alternative.
Bobb is worried, for example, if someone visits the Marriott hotel in the city center at night, he will see the metal gate, the door with a thorn --
Wire fence and very demanding-
Security gate.
He added: "This sends the message that our community is completely insecure.
When asked if this was real time, Bobb admitted that some areas were challenged.
"The City Chamber of Commerce has not taken a position on this proposal.
But there are also some strong business views.
"Don't just make it look safer," said Ramon Garcia, behind the platinum car audio counter. "make it safer.
His car stereo and the hottest thing. -
Mobile video player-
Is the main target of what he calls "robbery and robbery", his rolling makes robbery more difficult
Metal door.
If the city wants to dress itself up, he suggests, "it should grow more trees, add lighting, and clean up.
"If they are thinking about the beauty of the city," said Mohammad Fayyad, the owner of the car clearing company in 2000, which bought, sold and traded cars from barbed wire behind the fence, "They have to control the crime.
"In the past three months, five or six thieves have turned over Faiez's fence and fled with tires and car sounds.
Although he has performed better than most, the Afghan-American admits that the economy, coupled with zero-interest-rate financing for new cars, is taking a hard hit.
He said he could not steal any more.
Calvin Huang, a lifelong resident of Auckland who developed the proposal, is the director of the commercial services department of the city's Community and Economic Development Bureau, who has investigated alternatives.
He suggested replacing barbed wire with a cyclone fence with a small opening.
He wants businesses to consider plastic or polyester glass instead of grilles, which he says can withstand the impact of baseball bats.
The municipal government officials don't against iron gate;
They just wanted to put the door in the store.
The city is helping 78 businesses improve the appearance of their stores as part of a plan to improve several business districts.
Officials negotiated with 44 of them to dismantle their doors.
However, as the deficit approaches, it is not clear how much money Auckland will have to provide for such incentives.
Let Joseph Lopez, the owner of joseblo's spacious orange and yellow Corazon Del gift blo gift shop, do not have a sliding metal door but instead-
She said that the iron gate of Super Bowl night, her store will definitely be attacked like Kelly
Moore Paint shop across the street
It lost all the windows and threw the paint outside.
Ironically, the city paid nearly half of Lopez's iron products from the "facade fund" dedicated to improving the storefront.
Her son, Anthony, said the iron gate "beautifies the store.
In Mexico, such a door is considered beautiful, he added.
When iron bars and gates are compatible with a building, they should be kept, Huang said.
He also wants the city to exempt stores that are open late into the night to counter the appearance of the ghost city.
"Before making this proposal, the city conducted a survey of more than 2,600 shopkeepers and found that less than half of the people had a metal safety device outside their stores.
The most concentrated is Chinatown, which city officials believe may be the hardest place to sell.
Tom Le, the son of the owner of the Jinyue jewelry store in the suburbs of Chinatown, is not going to abandon the handmade products of the store.
Double iron door.
His family once locked one.
Anti-theft inside the door.
He was not rescued until the police arrived.
Without such protection, "it would be unsafe, especially in Auckland," Le said.
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