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images of 9/11 rise at ground zero - twin polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
images of 9/11 rise at ground zero  -  twin polycarbonate panels
22, 2006 on one side of the fence, 2006.
On the other hand, it is still 2001 in many ways.
Today, the World Trade Center Memorial Museum began installing 9/11 large photos on the ground of the Zero fence, opening a memory Bridge from the prelude to the aftermath.
No fireball will be seen here.
There was no vague jet a few seconds before the crash.
No steel cascade.
But the images chosen by the museum for its first public exhibition are equally memorable: the eyes of passers-
Attracted by the horrible sky, it was swallowed up by the fire mountain feathers on the 18 th
St Century Tower tip
Paul's Chapel, the pinstriped facade of the Twin Towers turned into a shabby chunk from a crazy angle, and a fireman saluted with tears in his dress --
Blue funeral costume
Alice M said: "You will keep talking between what is on the fence and what you see from the fence . "
The permanent residence of museum curator Greenwald will be open on 2009.
"This is a dialogue between memory and loss.
The "here" exhibition will officially open around the PATH terminal pavilion on Church Street on Thursday.
Partly based on the collection known as "Here Is New York: Democracy in photos", the most extensive and vivid memories of 9/11 photos that have not yet been shown at ground zero.
"People want to see what happened that day," says Christine . ".
Ferer is the commissioner of the Port Authority in New York and New Jersey and director of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, which is raising funds to build memorials and museums.
Her husband, Neil D.
Levin, executive director of the authority, was killed on Tuesday. 11, 2001.
Ads for Ms.
Ferer urged amateur and professional photographers to take 41 photos of "Here Is New York" and there will also be 10 photos of the remnants of the trade center in Hangar 17, Kennedy International Airport.
These were taken by Chris Calis. Two 12-
Foot photo murals will show one of the last and iconic trident columns removed from the site.
Other photos depict the severed roof antenna, a crumpled Port Authority Jeep, a shabby road revolving door and a twisted "World Trade Center stable" by Alexander Carde
The red paint still leaves spots.
"These artifacts are stories of what happened that day," Ms. Li said. Ferer said.
"For people, don't forget that what happened that day is as important as ever.
These artifacts will be a grim and grim reminder, especially when we try to raise $0. 15 billion to find a home for them that the public can share.
On the fence open to the museum --
The air show will last until October, and the Port Authority insists that the existing panel-
A list of names and names of victims. 11 timeline —
"Keep showing because memories of those missing and the events of that day can't be forgotten," Kayla M said . ".
Burgeron, head of public and government affairs.
Michael Shulan, creative director of the memorial foundation's main exhibition, was "New York five years ago," presenting pictures at a storefront at 116 Prince Street SoHo.
Some of the pictures in that play and the book behind them are very vivid.
These are not included in the Ground Zero display.
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Choosing these pictures causes thinking and "hints at the emotions and human stories behind them," Shulan said ".
Yvon Varunok, the company's sales director, said they were printed on vinyl paper at the Brooklyn Navy shipyard for the Duggal vision solution through "ink spray on steroids"
They are fixed to a translucent polycarbonate panel and then bolted to the fence.
This afternoon, the first five panels were installed, including the damaged photos of the World Trade Center lying in the ruins taken by Jonathan togofnik, and the photos of the south tower ruins taken by Mario Tamar, the prospect is a winding rescue team.
As soon as the images were tied to the fence, the ads began to attract a small group of people who were able to move their eyes from the images of the trade center to the void on the other side of the twin towers.
When she first visited New York from Arnsberg, Germanyyear-
Old Margaret Kurek took the picture as soon as she went up.
"These pictures are so real because it's right here, right where it happened," she said . ".
"You will feel the day again when you see the photos.
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