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in a maine house, no room to waste - white polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
in a maine house, no room to waste  -  white polycarbonate panels
I'm pretty Marsh 2011.
There is always a box.
This could be Lowell E, a cancer expert.
Schniper and schniper on Mount Hester (
She has had breast cancer twice and has a very close range)
: Mortal boxes that can be used for ecstasy or despair.
Your time here is limited and use it as much as you can.
Or maybe the box is a more general sort, which is Dr.
Schniper and Ms, director of hematology and oncology, Beth Israel Women's Cancer Center, Boston.
On a rainy day a year ago, Beth Israel's head of oncology social work, schniper, met a small, dark, two-
They will later tell friends that this is a story cabin made of barn wood, like an oversized outback.
It has also been restricted and has been severely restricted with the development of housing.
The regulations not only prohibit the expansion of the floor space of only 540 square feet on the first floor, but also prohibit the expansion of its height.
Deck is not even allowed to be added.
But the couple found this secluded property on a tidal lake called goose swamp pond on the desert island, which was amazing and after some due diligence to see what changes would be made and they bought it
They found a designer, George gaikas, who understood that it was not the size of the box that was important, but what you did with it.
Without increasing the volume of the box
By cutting into it in some places
He turned the house into a lamp. filled space.
When the tide is low, you can find herons and Kingfisher in the mud on the floorto-
Windows on the ceiling, when the tide rises, you feel like you are on the boat.
The couple got up from their home in Concord last weekend.
Dressed in wool and jeans for the weekend, waiting happily for the doctor to come
Son of schneper and his family
Cancer twice.
Shadow of mortal box-
First affect their decision to buy a house?
The couple was asked.
"Of course it's advertising . "Schnipper, 62.
"I may be better off without delaying what I think is important.
Of course, it will be easier to spend money.
While the stock market moves like this, it is a good thing because it will disappear anyway.
And then, actually, we have been here for 20 years. ”Dr.
Schniper later extended this.
"This is not breast cancer'
"Let's buy a house," he said . "
"We have been taking care of people with fatal diseases all our lives.
Although I haven't had cancer yet, it makes me very clear how short the whole thing is.
"They are a modern mixed family, married on both sides, with five adult children, aged 41 (
His son Merritt)to 31 (
Julia, her daughter), and as Ms.
Schniper likes to say five or seven.
Nine grandchildren. (
The latest forecast is December. 1. )Dr.
Schneper, 67, was born in New York City.
His father is a draftsman.
His mother wrote about the accounts of a small toy chain.
His grandfather was not a doctor. he was inspired to take medicine.
He is a garment worker.
But who respects them?
"The story is like this when pushing 2-year-
He whispered in my ear, 'Boy, you will be a doctor ,'". Schnipper said.
"I can't swear that this is how it happened, but that's how it happened.
What he respects most is the pattern of my energy. I am here. ”Dr.
While in medical school, 20-year-old schnitp got married at State University of New York's Don state medical school.
He trained at Yale.
All three children at the New Haven Hospital and the National Cancer study were later divorced. Ms.
Schniper's father and grandfather are both West Point men, so it seems natural for her 18-year-old to marry west point men.
She followed her husband from one post to another, received a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland Far East Division, and a master's degree from the School of Social Work at Boston Simmons College in Tokyo.
Along the way, she had two daughters with her husband and finally got divorced.
She said that in 1979, when she was offered a position to do oncology social work in Beth Israel, she felt that the dream opportunity had fallen on her lap.
Advertising and no, the couple found it not frustrating to work with cancer patients.
On the contrary.
"It makes you so aware of the reality that exists in your life, helps to make it clear about its wonders, and constantly becomes aware of its uncertainty," Dr. Schnipper said.
"If you look closely and listen to your patients, your life is always a little closer to the edge. ”Ms.
Schniper published two books on cancer and wrote a blog titled "with breast cancer.
"It sounds funky, but I feel so lucky and lucky to do the work I do," she said . ".
"What matters depends on our heart and soul.
"Although she worked with cancer patients most of her life, she received her first diagnosis of breast cancer in early 1993, as she did in 2003 book, post-breast cancer: an ordinary
A guide to life after treatment, "Let me kneel down.
Part of this, she said, was worrying about what her child would look like: her older daughter was 20 years old and her younger daughter was only 12 years old. She and Dr.
Schniper has been dating for a year and a half, and the diagnosis has made them more intimate.
He moved from his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Go to her home in Concord to help take care of her.
That's when they decided to get married.
"We are emotional . "Schnipper said.
"I went out and made up the ring for us.
"I wore this dress on my way to the operating room," she added . ".
The couple got married on 1995 New Year's Day. When Ms.
Schniper's cancer treatment, which includes the removal of malignant lumps, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, is over and she is carefully lining up in the driveway and driving the rest of the pills in the car. (Ms.
Schniper believes in the importance of the ceremony. )
It was a very satisfying moment, she said.
When she was diagnosed with cancer for the fifth anniversary
She and her husband celebrate freedom on the desert island Hills, an important sign of cancer.
The advertisement "I brought music"
Schneper wrote in her book.
"He brought reading.
Together, we have brought five years of grace, intermittent fear, deep sadness and deeper happiness, and together we have found the power that fills our hearts.
This island in Maine is my refuge.
"Why didn't they buy a house here when she first had cancer?
It could be because she was panicking or because they couldn't afford it. Schnipper said.
Medical School and College have kids, and while they love Maine, it's only five hours away, and it's hardly the actual location of a vacation home.
Then, in 2005, Ms.
Schniper had a second cancer in the same breast.
This treatment is tough: because no more radiation treatment can be performed, breast resection surgery has been performed, and chemotherapy has dropped her hair.
But she recovered. She and the doctor.
Schniper continues to visit the desert hills, their favorite place on Earth.
On one of their visits, they found a list titled "water in a beautiful swamp.
"This is Dr.
Schniper says "the old remains of a house at the end of the pond.
"In the five years of listing, prices have fallen sharply, from $300,000 to about $525,000.
"My first question is, 'What is the problem with it? ’” she said.
"The second is, has anyone been murdered here?
"The night she saw the house, she dreamed of her and her 1-year-
Old Grandson
"The screen door slammed and she said, 'Nana, 'I woke up and said, 'This is it, I have to ask for that house.
Attention must be paid when a social worker evokes a dream.
What is its meaning?
"It has great significance . "Schnipper said.
"Dreams are like a solid, stable, happy home place.
We went to service the other night and the rabbi's sermon was to leave a legacy.
If we all die this minute, our legacy will be this House, especially our grandchildren, who love the island as much as we love it.
The couple bought the property for $265,000, but they consulted Mr.
Gekas is a designer who built 70 houses on the island.
They only have 8 square feet to expand due to building restrictions. Mr.
However, Gekas enjoyed working with the small house and soon finished the design.
Their instructions to him were: light, a place for the grandchildren to leave a message on the fridge, a real screen door. (
Look, this is an important dream. )
It turns out that the shape of the house is worse than they are worried about.
The first weekend they were there, Labor Day 2010, it rained and they had to put buckets in the living room to capture the water pouring from the roof.
There were cracks on the walls, and the light came in.
The renovation, which cost $200,000, took seven months and began in December.
Cooperate with local builders.
Gekas removed most of the houses and kept only the first and second floors and the side walls intact.
The living room window is 3 feet from the ground, blocking most of the swamp landscape.
Space in the kitchen-
A mattress-sized consumption Island, a stove that forces the chef to face the walls, a fridge that stands out and hunt --
Camp, into the living room. Mr.
Month of Gekas lining-foot-
Spacious living room with floor-to-Ceiling windows.
He built a slightly sloping counter that allowed the chef to face the bay and hid the old refrigerator behind it covered with blackboard paint so it could be used as a blackboard.
He changed the roof of the living room to a translucent wave-shaped polycarbonate panel, which was stronger and cheaper than a skylight, but the room was still full of light, and the whole House used the eastern white pine, to keep the interior bright. In the second-
The main floor, he has more floors-to-Ceiling windows.
He discovered the use of eight square feet: a platform for two external stairs.
Xia Ling began using their home this summer to celebrate their arrival with a long tradition.
When they cross the bridge to the island, they can smell the ocean.
They rolled down the window and shouted, "Yeah!
Last weekend, when Dr.
The son of schneper, Merritt, his daughter. in-
Lo Kristin frenbach and their son, Leo, 7, are here and it's time for the schnipers to have fun with the screen doors, which often come with the guests
A day or two later, madam.
Schniper left a phone message that provided some additional ideas about holiday homes and cancer and concerns about recurrence.
"Our goal is to make cancer never come back," she said . ".
"I will do this if I have to deal with this later.
I have found a way of life, and I hope, complete, happy, happy, not tortured by fear of a recurrence of cancer.
"But cancer is not the reason we bought the house," she added . ".
"We buy this house because we love the island and we want to provide a way for us, our families and others we love to live together in the most beautiful place on Earth
"A version of this article was printed on page D1 of The New York edition on October 6, 2011 with the title: no wasted space.
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