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in the galleries: a colorful survey of washington artists - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
in the galleries: a colorful survey of washington artists  -  clear plastic sheets
In recent years, Hemphill art has exhibited in more than 20 local exhibitions.
Century artists, especially the Washington flower artist of 1960 century.
Therefore, it is not surprising to see the paintings of Gene Davis, Leon Berkowitz and Thomas Downing in the summer group exhibition at the "35 days" gallery.
However, these works are classified together with paintings, sculptures and photos of contemporary artists who work in the same tradition.
The result is a museum.
A survey worth D. C. art.
As Davis expected, Davis's 1978 flamingos were made up of vertical stripes.
But they are soft, not the usual hard of the artist. edge bands.
Berkowitz's 1968 "Cathedral 22" is also striped, not typical, with some rigid lines placed in his well-known gradient tone.
The works were recently created by Steven Kushner and Lin Lu.
The first one repeats a simple blue form on a mottled background;
The second one is cool.
The color target, whose ring is precisely defined, but whose sky-
The blue center gives an open feel.
Also included is a pulsating 1969 downing grid painting and Robin Rose's recent white-on-White.
William kristaberry, who died in 2016, drew two fine ink paintings next to Anne Roland's floating kristaberry, "The view of the Potomac leaves reminds the photographer of the late artist's view of his hometown of Alabama. (
Another version of this photo is traveling in Arlington as part of the county's "Art on the art bus" project. )
Roland's tribute is just one of many crosses.
The generation link in this impressive array.
35 days as of August.
11 Hemphill Academy of Fine Arts on the 14 th, 1515NW. 202-234-
5601, hemphillfinearts. com.
Few people want to be completely unknown, but anonymity can be a good thing in a society that turns personal identities into market data.
Kyle Tata, who plays this tension in the "safe mode" presented by the Hamilton Gallery, along with Baltimorean Rachel Guardiola, presents the transmission from Terra Incognita.
Tata's photos distort reality.
The world images, in part, cover up their contents by covering the pattern on the envelope --
An analog form of encryption.
The artist does not use the computer to operate, only the old
Double Exposure and other school photography skills.
He sometimes adds a layer of repetition to the laser.
The picture is engraved with clear plastic sheets, bold in color and deep in black.
All the visual information is hidden at your fingertips, like the rock under rip.
Guardiola's installation was conceived when she lived near the Arctic Circle, a sight of the Garden of Eden, and it had, no surprise, a tropical atmosphere.
Behind a wall covered by a description of the ideal environment, the artist arranges plants, sand, stones and other objects bathed in colored light.
In the projection video, surf gently on the beach, and the sound of the wind, water and birds provides the ambient soundtrack.
Of course, this is not exactly "Terra Incognita ";
All elements are familiar.
But a world that is truly unrecognizable is too strange to be a paradise.
Kyle Tata: safe mode and Rachel Guardiola: transmission from Terra Incognita to August.
5 Gallery in Hamilton, 1353 United States of AmericaNW, Suite 101. 202-332-1116.
Hamtonine Galerycom.
The title of Sally Davis's Art Union exhibition is a straight description: "Global Vision: light and shadow.
Local painters realistically paint parts of Europe, North America and Japan, most of which are tourist attractions.
In addition to Davis's technology, there are two things that make the picture different: she usually hires a bird --
Her shadow is full of light.
She doesn't have much cold tones in her palette.
This may be partly because artists often observe sunny climates like Greece and Bermuda.
But even if she goes north, the color stays warm.
Davis looks down at a part of the iconic glass pyramid of the Louvre, placing visitors in shades from purple to orange, a shadow of summer dusk.
The painter emphasized the patterns and daily life found from the photos.
Interestingly, Davis provided some speculation about what the person she portrayed might be doing or thinking.
However, the drama in her work comes from composition and color.
Sally Davis: Global View: light and shadow in view as of August.
6 at Art Union Gallery, Torpedo Factory, 105 N. Union St. , Alexandria. 703-683-1780. theartleague. org.
While it is not trying to be comprehensive, the annual "Hedong exhibition" at the Hung Fleur gallery usually offers a wide range of investigations.
The focus this year has been more concentrated with only three contributors.
Sheila cred and Amber Robles
Gordon processed the fabric and found some objects.
The art of painter Asha Elena Casey is not so closely related, but she did create textiles
Like a thick pattern, most of them are black. and-white pigment.
These three aspects are compared with deliberate and casual, delicate and simple.
Crider's "penetrating darkness" tied two quilting pieces together, one colorful and the other orange;
Her "balancing action" cuts the picture into strips and weaves it like a basket. Robles-
Gordon's "complex design" arranges metals and fabrics --
Stick wrapped in sunshine
Just like the design, a shredded chicken was added for funk.
Kathy makes abstract and representative images through their texture games.
The way she stitched together traditional crafts and personal expressions was a good example of the exhibition.
August, the annual Hedong exhibition.
Located at No. 5 hung Fleur Gallery, 1241 haowang Road. SE. 202-365-8392.
Honfleurgallery. com.
"The dichotomy of intimacy and isolation" is the theme of Susan Callaway Academy of Fine Arts summer program "city life.
The 10 participants gave the most authentic descriptions of frequently recognized locations, such as the Paris prototype building of Rogers Naylor and Steven S.
Walker can see the L Street in the northwest at night, and the prospect is the bicycle lane.
Although only four artists are local, many photos are D. C. sites —
Even if modd Taber
Thomas did draw a few on the New York City subway card.
Some scenes are not so specific and lively.
Regardless of the title, the British expressionist Colin Taylor's Delhi conveys the heat and bustle, but not a specific place.
Curator Alexandra sirley also includes some abstract oil paintings, about like this, and two pictures of Leslie Nolan, a lonely man in a bright yellow backgroundThe context-
There may be fewer people in cities, suburbs, or spaces, but for them it is an obvious city.
City life before August.
At Susan Callaway Academy of Fine Arts, 1643 Wisconsin Avenue. NW. 202-965-4601. callowayart. com.
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