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in the galleries: at annual benefit show, the world goes round - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
in the galleries: at annual benefit show, the world goes round  -  clear plastic sheets
It was a bowl at first.
Participants of the "alchemy ship", the annual welfare exhibition of the Joan Jiugang healing art gallery, were given a dish to change or fill, no matter how they chose it.
But last year's ship was a box, the present exhibition, the fifth, not a container, but a theme: "The Journey of the night. . .
Cycle path from pain to healing.
Maybe it's because of the word "loop", or just because the circle is an elegant form, most of the 115 entries are round or round.
Nathan Loda's Twilight suggests the sky between galaxies, even spinning.
Spencer hostel offers plenty of crossoverhatched orb;
Mary made a minimalist wax film early;
Rick Garcia is a silver Ganesha, elephant
In the center of the wheel of the universe, toward God.
Gregory Ferrand's witty work is an illustrated flying saucer depicting a boy trying to dig deeper.
On the composite sphere known as Buckyball, there are also Oval, tubular, spiral, and two variants: Shanti Norris tied the solid and the empty stuff, and Olivia Morow tied the band
Saw blade in a state of tension and balance.
The wire structure of Sondra Arkin is in part a buc ball and in part an egg;
Julie may Bancroft and Elin Weiss are more like Nestlé.
Most of the ceramic products are plates and bowls, but Thanthi and a few others made beautiful urn.
Locating the subject in all these different objects is a challenge, but this is a typical show involving so many artists.
Choice is easier to understand, not as a way to treat, but as a way to create.
Creating good things is an update.
As of May 5, watch the Alchemical vessel at St. 1632 of the United StatesNW. 202-483-8600. smithcenter. org/arts-healing/joan-hisaoka-art-gallery. html.
While it includes something that looks like a little green man, "space" has nothing to do with outer space.
The four artists at the Korean Cultural Center's exhibition think about the areas of citizenship, nature and architecture, not the universe.
Daniel Keang's 3-Green polymer-
The clay pattern was considered a mutant Penguin before a forest photo.
Kyong also deployed the red manta-ray-
Like Giants in the sky, in the residential areas of Cambodia, their smooth lines are in stark contrast to the dilapidated buildings. The photos in (or of)
The works were created by Kwang Chan Song, who filmed traditional Korean palaces and gardens through UV filters, thus achieving a different weirdness.
The resulting photos, mostly pink and blue, are recognizable, but incredible.
In Sun Jang, she drew large ink paintings of Seoul scenes, which she placed behind clear plastic sheets with a yellow schematic of the lines of structural elements printed on them.
Eunkyung Lee filmed models of small buildings at other locations.
Zhang Chengze emphasized the whole, while Li emphasized the details, but all four encouraged the audience to look at the daily website with a new perspective.
On April 28, you can see space at the South Korean Cultural Center at 2370 Massachusetts Avenue. NW. 202-939-5688. koreaculturedc. org.
"The clown is wild," Nancy Ohanian's title in the Charles Krause/report art show refers to a large set
Paint three 2016 presidential candidates as a cartoon of playing cards (
An interested observer). The electoral-
The university champion is a clown and the trump card is the president of the Russian Federation.
The gallery describes Ohanian's work as "painting", a tradition in which political critics use pencils or ink.
But part of the New Jersey artist's work is computer.
The photographic elements of the collage are generated and integrated.
The choice, which includes several comics that predate the Trump era, shows several patterns.
The most timely photos include pictures depicting Donald Trump lying in bed with sea cucumber vladi Putin, Sean Spicer on the podium in the swamp, and one suspended from "Obamacare repeal
In art, however, the most striking include 2013 ways of dealing with China's censorship system and North Korean militarism, which are outlined as mock paper cuts.
Ohanian's wisdom is sharp, but her work is worth seeing because of its visual creativity.
The clown is wild: Nancy Ohanian's paintings in Charles Krause, May 2, covering fine art works in the Dhaka attic, 1602 th Seventh Street
Northwest second floor. 202-638-
3612. com.
Judging by their title, the change must be the subject of Natalie Zhang's cyano type.
Each photo in her Morton art exhibition "increment of time" is named after a period of time, only a short period of time, up to 76 hours.
This is the time when water evaporates from the photographic paper, producing studies of blue, black and white. The D. C.
The artist turned this process, once used for building blueprints, into an abstract and unpredictable one.
Her photos may be similar to roxia's tests and microscopic observations, but what they really illustrate is the process of making them.
Their poem is an accident of chemical matter and duration.
For "tension on tapestries" also at Nate Lewis in Morton, the body of African-Americans is a landscape that needs to be changed.
His wounds and bruises are black. and-
White photographic portrait, removing paint while adding patterns and flocking textures.
This effect reminds people of African weaving and skin decoration, but also reflects D. C.
Work as an intensive artist
Nursing nurse, seeking to cure the most seriously damaged disease.
The surface of a woman's body is almost completely reshaped, But muscles, bones, and essence remain.
Natalie Zhang: time and Nate Lewis increment: tensions in a tapestry watched at Morton Academy of Fine Arts, 1781 Florida Avenue, April 26. NW. 202-628-2787. mortonfineart. com.
The "feminine temperament prototype" is the exhibition theme of Christian Ian kuriscu at the Waverley Street gallery, but the artist personalizes his female sculpture with a variety of styles and materials.
These numbers may or may be new.
Made from terracotta warriors and pottery, alabaster and limestone. The Romanian-
Local artists have also added accents like crystals.
A long piece of wood that represents an instrument.
Studies conducted with pencils or crayons prove Ian culescu's interest in circular forms, just like the only abstract "Portal. It’s an egg-
The oval-shaped stone, with its central opening disrupting the winding band of natural pigments.
Only a few small sculptures show the humanity of their theme, but they all celebrate the prototype curve.
Prototype of femininity: Christian Ian kuriscu's new sculpture at the Waverly Street Gallery, 4600 east-May 6West Hwy. , Bethesda. 301-951-9441.
Waverley Street Gallerycom.
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